Coming summer in Russia will be warmer than usual — Weather Center

Upcoming summer weather across Russia will be warmer than usual, but extreme heat is not expected, said at a news conference on Thursday, Director of the Russian Hydrometeorological Center Roman Vilfand.

"We have every decade adjust our long-term forecasts. This probabilistic forecast. This year, it is estimated meteorologist, expected around summer and above normal in all regions. But we still do not expect a repeat of the summer heat wave the year before," — said Vilfand .

In the summer of 2010 in the European part of the Russian heat wave was recorded. Two months over the European part of the country was an anticyclone, the temperature for a long time kept at above 30 degrees Celsius.

"The level of modern science can not confidently predict such extreme events," — said the head meteorologist.

According Vilfand, the center of European Russia, and the temperature will be about higher than normal, "that is, the probability of dry events is higher than normal, but the disastrous summer of 2010 is not expected."

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