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Long ago, I was passing through the city of Ussuriisk, pochrevougodnichat stopped in a cafe in the city center. Ordered the dumplings and soup, and while I was eating them — the following happened:

Toyota pulled up to the cafe rear sight, a rather expensive carboxylic "skirts." She climbed out of a cunt-chaser, or archimandrite, (sorry, in the ranks do not understand) and went to the same thing this cafe. He sat at a table opposite. To him there also, after tying a scarf on his head, jumped hostess of the cafe (it was easy to identify on jewelry, and it was clear from the further discussion).

She put it on the table, pickles, and a bottle of some brandy, which vskidku worth — as the gearbox for Toyota this arhipizdrita (again I apologize, church sanah not good). This is followed by a half-hour conversation about God, Orthodoxy, in passing, he eats pickles, sentences almost 0.5 brandy, gets up and (of course without paying) illuminating the cross these things cafe (charity) is removed.

In buhom form behind the wheel. Attention! — Toyota entirely. And otpaliv rubber — provides start … or even more so damn off vertical! And turning a double solid — sent to an unknown, godly direction. Perhaps his god saves. From this case — made for a conclusion. I do not quarrel with God, God — do not touch me. But I forgot the way to the branches of JSC "ROC" Forever and ever.

Comment: Natalia Turin from the site RUSSIA.RU — Blogs — Sofia Krasnovid

Patriarch Kirill is working against us the whole industry

Moscow. December 19. Interfax — Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill said that in the field of anti-Catholic propaganda is working a whole industry and urged the clergy to actively work with people.

"Against us work the whole industry. Take the Internet — 10-15-20000th blogs, working against the Church. We do not know what money is done, but the fact that there is blasphemed the name of God, "- noted with dismay the Patriarch in his address to the participants of community meal after the liturgy at Epiphany Cathedral Noginsk

"And we pretend that we do not. So we all lose. After all, our young people do not come to church, and sits on the Internet — even do not watch TV, "- he added.

Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church said that the church is to promote training and education of its people, but until it loses much in the information business.

"You and I do not have time to rock — we have to work actively. We have to forget the usual stereotypes — celebrated requiem or prayer, money received, said to all, "God bless" and went to sleep. Out of that time, if you really care about the church, "- said the Patriarch.

According to him, the audience of traditional preaching in the temple is quite limited, to the same sermon, usually conducted in a specific language, not convincing to the modern man, while on anti-church propaganda thrown very considerable force.

"We have to appeal to people outside of worship, giving them their understanding of life. We should have a new view of man, a new look at the problem, a new view of society and, therefore, must be the work ", — concluded the primate.

Source: Interfax

giving them their understanding of life — How can transmit and

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