Contagion from Antarctica




In 1999, there was another significant event which, however, almost no one, except maybe the experts did not pay enough attention. What happened was the following: research expedition in Antarctica discovered a virus to which no immunity either in humans or in animals. But in the end, Antarctica is far and seems to be nothing to worry about, the more dangerous virus that is in the frozen ground. However, according to scientists, given that global warming threatens the earth, then an unknown infection can cause an awful catastrophe. That expert from New York University Tom Starmerue the pessimistic forecasts of his colleagues. "We do not know what the mankind will face in the South Pole in the near future due to global warming — he said — perhaps begin an unprecedented epidemic. Protected with a protein shell of the virus in the permafrost of retaining its viability will multiply as soon as the temperature gets warmer … "

U.S. scientists are so serious about Antarctica discovery that organized a special expedition that currently tests the ice, trying to find as many unknown viruses in order to develop an antidote in advance. But where did the virus in Antarctica, where, as you know, "just ice and penguins" and no one else seems to be no? Is unclear. Specialists hands only bred … Although theories on this subject a few. Most of these will consider.

Most scientists are inclined to believe that in the permafrost could be preserved prehistoric life forms. But there are other theories, and quite interesting, and not ordinary. Some experts, for example, blame the bosses in the Third Reich, who allegedly ordered to bring to Antarctica secretly developed biological weapons. This theory did not come out of nowhere. It is known that in 1938 the Nazis suddenly became interested in Antarctica and in 1938-1939 organized two expeditions. First planes of the Third Reich took detailed pictures of unexplored territory, and then dropped several thousands of metal pendants with a swastika.

All explored territory was called New Swabia and was considered a part of the Reich. After the expedition, Captain Ritscher reported to Field Marshal Goering: "Every 25 kilometers planes dropped pennants. We covered an area of approximately 8.6 million square kilometers. Of these, 350,000 square kilometers were photographed. " In 1943, Grand Admiral Karl Doenitz dropped a remarkable phrase: "The German submarine fleet is proud of the fact that on the other side of the world has created an impregnable fortress for the Fuhrer." Rather, it means that from 1938 to 1943, the Nazis were building a secret base in Antarctica. For transportation used mainly subs of secret connection "Führer Convoy". How to write specialists for the Third Reich, at the end of the war in the port of Kiel the submarines removed the torpedoes and loaded containers with different goods. The submarines also received passengers whose faces were hidden behind surgical dressings.

The commander of one of the submarines «U-530" was Bernhard Wilhelm. April 13, 1945 the submarine left the port of Kiel. Reaching the coast of Antarctica, 16 members of the team built an ice cave and laid the boxes containing alleged relics of the Third Reich, including documents and personal belongings of Hitler. The operation was codenamed "Valkyrie 2". Once completed, namely 10 July 1945, «U-530" entered the Argentinean port of Mar del Plata and surrendered to the authorities. There is also the assumption that the second submarine of this compound — «U-977" under the command of Heinz Schaeffer — were transported to New Swabia remains of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun. It followed the path of «U-530" with calls to Antarctica, August 17, 1945 submarine arrived in Mar del Plata. But the version of William Bernhard and Heinz Scheffer saying that the submarines off the coast of Antarctica (allegedly transported the relics), which both captains told during interrogation by the American and British intelligence services is questionable. It is unlikely that a major operation was designed only for the sake of delivery of documents and relics of the Third Reich. After many years of special services seized a confidential letter to his friend Captain Scheffer, Captain Wilhelm Bernhard who obviously was going to publish his memoirs.

The letter was dated 01.06.1983 and contains the following lines: "Dear Willie, I was thinking about whether or not to publish your manuscript concerning« U-530. " All three boats («U-977», «U-530" and «U-465"), who participated in that operation, now sleeping peacefully on the bottom of the Atlantic. Maybe it's better to leave them there? Think about it, old fellow! Think also about what will look when my book (Heinz Scheffer after the war, wrote a book called «U-977" — VN) narrated after you? We all took an oath of secrecy, we did nothing wrong and only followed orders and fought for our loved Germany and its survival. Please think again: is not it better to picture everything as a fable? What you'll get when you say the truth about our mission? And who will suffer because of your revelations? Think about it! .. "

Even 40 years after the events, Heinz insisted that Bernhard did not tell the truth! Maybe submarine from "Convoy Hitler" were taken to the continent, something more dangerous than the documents? Could it be the bacteriological weapon traces of which in the form of unknown viruses were discovered last year in the permafrost?

And here's another theory of the origin of the deadly virus, also deserves attention. Some scientists believe that the virus got to the Earth "on board" some of the meteorite. In 1997, the automatic station "Galileo" downlinked photos of Europe — one of the 16 satellites of Jupiter, the largest planet of the solar system. Then the scientists said that, based on the evidence obtained, on the outskirts of the solar system can be a huge ocean of liquid water. And recently, after a careful analysis of photographs of Europe, scientists have come to the conclusion that the subglacial environment in the Jupiter can be very similar to the one that exists under the 4-kilometer thick ice almost in the heart of Antarctica. In this region, the lake was opened, which was called East, on behalf of the Russian Antarctic station "Vostok", which is located there. The report of the National Science Foundation, the U.S. says, "The Antarctic subglacial lake has the same basic boundary conditions as the ocean under the ice on Europa." Commenting on the report, an oceanographer at the University of Washington, John Delaney said that "confidence in the existence of life in the ocean of Europe." A corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a member of the International Commission for the Scientific Exploration of Antarctic Zotikov Igor said: "It is possible that under the ice shell Europe, there are lakes, even the sub-glacial sea, and East Lake — a direct analogue of the Earth that exists in Europe. It may be unknown to scientists microbial forms of life. "

So, it is possible that the virus is discovered in Antarctica flew to us from the depths of space, maybe even a satellite of Jupiter — planetoid Europe. But be that as it may, scientists are seriously concerned about this discovery and are urgently looking for a vaccine. God forbid, the permafrost melts, and the contagion will spread around the world.

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