Convicted of Novocherkassk invented the floating-terrain vehicle

In the colony of Novocherkassk convicted improved model of UAZ-3151.


At the initiative of Don GUFSIN in May 2012 began the development and creation based on a / m UAZ off-road multi-purpose, all-wheel drive, a floating vehicle rugged, inexpensive to operate and repair. Purpose vehicle — passenger and freight transportation on all types of roads and off-road use in areas with soils of low bearing capacity (snow, sand, mud, tundra), with the possibility of crossing water obstacles afloat.
"In an experimental model set 406 engine from 3110 Volga car with 130 hp, and reinforced axles with tires manufacturer" Trekol "radius 1300/600-533 and additional forced cooling of the engine. Nor were no additional changes needed: sealing lights, doors, technical units, the exhaust gas lines above the waterline, etc., "- said the press service. 

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