«Courageous» — the newest corvette «invisible» 20380 Russian Navy — pass state tests in March

The crew of the new corvette 20380 «Courageous» proceed to the municipal tests in March of this year, said February 4, 2013 at Mon Head of information provision to the press service of the Western Military Area of ​​the Baltic fleet captain of the second rank Vladimir Matveev.
In November 2012, «Courageous» successfully graduated from the first step of sea trials, said the press service of the company «Severnaya Verf», and the second step is to be held in December after mounting artillery system caliber 100 mm. «In March, the crew will proceed to the municipal tests», — said V. Matveev.
He also noted that the crew of the new corvette «Courageous» made the transition to cross-database Baltiysk to continue running industrial, and then — the municipal landfills in tests of combat training in the area of ​​responsibility of the Baltic naval base of the Baltic Fleet, told RIA Novosti.
«Recently, the ship will leave Baltiysk to perform complex tests at sea. During testing the ship’s crew, along with industry representatives will be carefully tested performance of systems and devices of the ship into the sea, «- explained Matveev.
According to him, will focus on the work of propulsion, communications and navigation systems all ship weapons in marine criteria.
Ship 20380 is designed for operations in the near maritime zone and combating surface ships and submarines, and artillery support for amphibious assault during amphibious operations.
During the construction of the ships used to develop «stealth». The draft introduced 21 patents issued and 14 certificates of registration of computer programs.
New solutions have been applied to reduce the physical fields of the ship. Namely, we managed to reduce its radar signature.

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