Cyber attack on Washington will meet military strike

Cyber attack on Washington will meet military strike

The United States considers itself entitled to respond to cyber attacks on the likely military strikes. This is shown in a new Pentagon report prepared for the South American Congress.

This 12-page document was evaluated by professionals as "more accurate statement regarding Washington's policy in the field of cyber security." "As a response to the need cyber attack will be the same actions as in all other dangers for the U.S. "- the report says." We have the right use all required options — information, diplomatic, economic and military ", — the report says. creators claim that it is necessary" to protect civilization, our partners and allies, as the interests of our people. "

Computer systems and Internet site of the Pentagon numerous objects of different malicious attacks. Employees of the U.S. military used in the work more 15 thousand of computer networks, including more 7 million computers.

At the same time, the report notes that the use of force to the U.S. Defense Department will try to explore other options, and "seek broad global support."

In recent years, the number of cyber attacks on the computer networks of the United States essentially outgrowths. Approximate damage which caused Computer hackers defense industry to the United States, estimated trillion dollars.

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