Dandruff — the defeat of the scalp, characterized by the formation of small scales on the non-inflamed skin. With an increased formation of sebum flakes have a yellowish tint, and can be glued to each other.


Most cases of dandruff associated with the activation of the fungus Pityrosporum ovale. This fungus is part of the normal flora of the human skin, and there is virtually all people. When the number of these fungi is normal, and exfoliation is seamless to our eyes. However, when intensive work sebaceous glands significantly increased the amount that leads to accelerated cell renewal of the surface layer of the scalp and exfoliation, i.e. the appearance of dandruff.

Factors contributing to the proliferation of fungus and dandruff:

  • seborrhea
  • hormonal disorders
  • digestive problems
  • Chronic infection
  • stresses
  • immunosuppression
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • improper hair care
  • heredity


Start the fight dandruff preferably with a visit to the doctor-trihologa. This is an expert on the hair. Only the doctor can determine why there was dandruff.

Did skin head is too dry — in this case will help ordinary moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. In cases where the cause of dandruff is a serious skin diseases (dermatitis, seborrhoeic eczema, psoriasis or mikrosporeya) requires special treatment. If the dandruff called Pityrosporum ovale, a trichologist will help to find the cause of failure in the work of the sebaceous glands, prescribe pills and vitamins, will advise the most suitable shampoo for dandruff. Optimal shampoo— One that combines three things: destroy the fungus, reduces the rate of cell growth and removes dandruff flakes.

All proceeds from dandruff act differently: some treat only the symptoms, while others act directly on the fungus. Figure out how to act or that dandruff can be studied its composition.

Inhibit proliferation of fungus Climbazole and Ketokonozol (in shampoo "Nizoral"). However, these therapeutic agents are easily washed off with water, so you need to leave the shampoo on the hair for a few minutes. Zinc pyrithione (shampoo "Head & Shoulders", «Friderm Zinc") is not as effective against the fungus, but the hair is long and provides a lasting impact therapeutic component.

Slow down the rapid cell division octopirox (pirokton olamine), tar (tar shampoo Friderm) and selenium disulphide. The latter two substances also reduce the secretion of sebum.

Exfoliate the skin, destroying the flakes of dandruff and prevent adhesion of cells tar, sulfur, and salicylic acid.

All proceeds from dandruff require regular use, and the effect usually occurs within 1-2 months of treatment.

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