Dangerous places in Kiev, geopathic zones (in terms of bio-energy). Map adverse geological fault zones of influence of Kiev

In connection with the promotion of various television shows about people with svehsposobnostyami: psychics, fortune tellers, shamans, witches, sorcerers, psychics, bioenergy, the population of the country, and perhaps even in the whole world, has increased the credibility of these unique.

In general, psychics have always been, only it is not advertised. Well, one of them — Igor G. Miracle, has developed a map so-called "geopathic zones" in Kiev.

The principle is very simple — on the map of places were superimposed tectonic plate fault. The site "eco-design" on behalf of PE "Miracle Igor G." provides services for planning housing. PE itself cooperates with the Academy of Sciences, laboratories, engineering and architectural firms.

Give heed to your most recent map of geopathic zones of Kiev. On it are dangerous (possible formation of cancer cells), and good bands in town.

Schematic map of geopathic zones of Kiev
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Bard card negative influence of geological zones
faults in the city of Kiev, 2004

It shows:
— limits the negative impact of geological faults (black lines)
— zone of negative influence of geological faults (shaded area in gray),
— major tectonic faults (red lines)
— secondary tectonic faults (blue lines)
— favorable for long-term stay and living room (open area).

Explanation author: accuracy of the map — no more than 90% (requires specification of the situation in the attics-1 and

in Svyatoshinsky district)

* — The site shows a map with a resolution of 800 * 610 * 24 with compression, resulting in a loss of clarity and smearing small map objects.

There's a map in electronic form with a resolution of 2080 * 1586 * 24b without compression, as well as in hard copy format on A1.

Supplement website

Working more than 6 years in research geopathic zones, we have seen that there are places where geopathic network reduced to the minimum. Places such people be called "death trap" because of the fact that many people living in such areas often suffer from their families. Trees and all life is also suffering in these parts of the high density of geopathic zones — Hartman grid spacing, for example, there is reduced to 0.9-1m. However, we have always sought to find a justification for this unusual phenomenon — why the grid in some places reduced to 2-3p. from the norm.

And by conducting targeted research areas in Kyiv in April 2004., We saw the "black spots" do not apply patches, as previously assumed, but whole stripes, which, surprisingly, even disjoint. When our map of "places" was composed by 2/3, we have an opportunity to see "The geological map of the Ukrainian Shield, 1982.". Imagine our surprise and delight when we saw that the two cards are identical to the basic features …

Next, could only finish the job nicely with the map of Kiev. On it we have shown not only faults but also limits the negative effects of these faults, where the grid spacing Hartman does not exceed the 1.4 m And now it becomes understandable studies by Russian scientists, who say that the risk of oncological diseases and severe local faults increases by 2-3 times the norm. After geopathic network where faults narrowed it to 2-3.

And while in this locality to arrange long-term settlement is not desirable, it would be unethical to the citizens who have purchased housing in places say the break — more geopathic zone, but still a solid …

Our experience shows that a detailed study of apartments in this area, we can solve the problem of sleeping arrangement and employment by 80-85%. After power grid lines Hartman can be bypassed. In forming the interior takes into account only the most aggressive geopathic line also includes all geopathic zone.

Also, after the studies, we can dispel the myth of the existence of large geopathic zones. In reality, there are only Hartman grid in 1-4m., Curry — 2.5-5m., Wittmann — 4.7-13m. and hundred-meter grid. There are also underground water flows that are sometimes disturbing. That's it and should be considered in the recommendations of Feng Shui and interior design. A geological faults should be considered in the general design of residential areas and settlements, removing favorable places for housing, and by faults leaving roads, parks and poorly populated buildings. However, it should be done correctly, because background radiation in the ground fault is slightly higher than in the normal area, and is therefore not only the trees witnessed a dramatic change (or gets out of the trunk is covered with growths of crustaceans), but the main walls (according to the German geophysicist) are less than 30 years, and the pavement often destroyed. But it's better to leave the shelter belts and parks than to settle in places such people. Moreover, that healthy places is sufficient.

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