Day will last 25 hours

International Service, which studies the Earth's rotation, is evidence that our planet is to slow down traffic. Of course, the environmental disaster will come to Earth not soon, but it is clear that the day will be longer. It is assumed that the duration of the day is 25 hours, which means that people will have to work longer, too.

According to some researchers, the Earth slowly rotating due to the moon, which in turn is a "brake" pedal, using gravity. Many scientists believe that to blame ocean currents.

Some blame the people. It is known that over the past decade in the world, a host of reservoirs, in connection with what scientists believe that these reservoirs are over weight, so the land and turns slowly. But most of all, in this situation, are putting their mark on the above factors.

If you move the time for a billion years ago, it becomes clear that while the planet was inhabited by a single-celled algae. At the time, the speed of rotation of the Earth was a huge, night lasted only 15 hours. After 500 million years day lasted for 21 hours and a year consists of 420 days. And 100 million years duration of the day was for 23 hours. The logical question is: how people have extracted this information? The answer is simple: with the help of algae. They have one feature: when light comes, then grow vertically as the shadow — horizontally. Every day calcareous corals debug agent. Here are their fingerprints and geologists have set the above parameters.

These discoveries were not the only ones. With the coral rocks, scientists have learned that sometimes the Earth rotated with incredible speed, but after a while again silent. After this discovery immediately crept thought about asteroids. Scientists have suggested that the planet was accelerated after the collision with the heavenly bodies. However, traces of the meteorite was found, so we can safely assume that the planet spun itself.At the expense of a meteorite version French scientists disagree. They believe that the earth is a kind of a temporary switch that is built into all modern explosives. The effect of this switch can be felt before each earthquake. If for specifically, the researchers hypothesized that the central part of the world has shifted a huge piece of rock. It is unlikely that in the near future, this will happen, but, according to the French before this happened.This hypothesis has a base. Need to move slightly in time and remember the huge scale of the earthquake that occurred in South Asia, which later on this territory in 2004 befallen tsunami. It was at that moment, scientists have recorded, though not significant, but still high speed.

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