Deadly beautiful lightning. TOP 10

Lightning. What can also attract, mesmerize look and at the same time to awaken in man the deepest, almost animal fear, who felt his ancestors thousands of years ago. In this set I suggest you see photos of 10 of the most beautiful and at the same time very dangerous lightning from around the world!

The Eiffel Tower in Paris

The main attraction of France, I would even say her business card. What a tourist missed an opportunity to take a picture of her background. Fortunately, compact cameras nowadays everyone has.

Just incredibly lucky 31 year old resident of Paris Bertrand Kulik. The windows of his apartment are just on this magnificent architectural structure. Because seeing. that the clouds gather, he hastened to set your camera and took a picture that made history. Bertrand later said that he was amazed that we managed to pull off. Lucky.

This photo taken in Brunei, Exotic Asian state.

Grand Canyon (USA). One of the deepest canyons in the world without a frightening lightning with its grandeur and scale. And then there are those beauties

Again, the United States, but the urban landscape. This Phoenix.

Rozachi Ranch (United States)

Electric charges tremendous power, crashing into the water. Very nice picture taken in Chicago (United States)

This picture was taken in by Richard Gottardo Toronto (Canada)

Photo Brad Branch. Lightning similar to the roots of a giant tree of heaven pierce the night sky Albuquerque (NM)

The Olympic Stadium in Athens. I think that the guy who was captured in a picture for a long time, after such a spectacle could not take his foot off the ground . It's beautiful.

Unrealistically beautiful lightning wrapped around the cloud as a huge spider web was filmed in Jason Veyngartom Nebraska.

The world is beautiful, though sometimes even deadly fine. 


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