Defenders of the Khimki forest of anarchists statement: This is a provocation

Company's "Funny to read reviews and discussion about the campaign on Internet forums. We are all equally ugly mafia Maples under the names of "the rulers of the Republic of Belarus" and "rulers of the Russian Federation." Ordinary worker of the two countries do not shine anything good from this political fuss for power, do not be like these false politicians, "- said in a statement anarchists.

Organizers of the event call themselves members of the organization "Friends of Freedom":

"With this action we express our anger and protest against the arrests and repression of social activists who stood up to defend the Khimki forest in Moscow", — said in a statement anarchists, which is placed on the Internet.

Moscow authorities had to build the route Moscow — St. Petersburg through a forest near Moscow suburb of Khimki. Was opposed by residents of the city, supported by various public organizations of Russia.

In August, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev ordered to suspend the construction of the road until after the public discussion of the topic.

Russian police check application anarchists

The investigation will fulfill the version that the anarchists were involved in the attack on the Russian Embassy in Minsk.

The police Minsk Interfax reported that this version is considered among others: "In the investigation of criminal cases are processed all the most probable version, all the information coming."

"This version will be practiced investigative means," — explained the employees.

Defenders of the Khimki Forest commented on the recognition anarhsitav

The representative of the Khimki forest protection movement Andrew Margulya"I think this is the most obvious provocation. I am willing to believe that the glass in Khimki beat administartsyi Antifa as a sign of support for our movement. This I can not believe it. But this action is, in my opinion, this is a pure provocation. "

September 1, Alexander Lukashenko said he would not rule out the involvement of the Russian side to the event:

"Most likely, they probably needed the incident. To show that you can see what there Lukashenko, who almost gave himself the attack, as they call it. Scum and scoundrels. More I can not say anything. "

Representatives of the Russian Embassy in Minsk did not comment on words of the head of Belarus.

Anarchists have published a video in support of his argument.


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