Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle
According to previous articles it is clear that the theme of «desert eagle» hitherto burning, but because on the website there is no article on this weapon clean, offer your own eyes on this gun. A few words to begin to say that the reasons why, in my opinion, is the instrument became known in the midst of the townsfolk. First, advertising, promotion and advertising again. Hardly any one gun can boast the same amount of screen time, which is at Desert Eagle. These guns armed and bad uncles who look at us from the screen and law enforcement officers, but they are armed with a pistol so only in the movies, but in reality all a little differently. But first things first, and must start with the story of creation of this tool.

As understood in the United States one of of favorite forms of entertainment is a short-barrel hunting gun. Originated such kind of hunting for completely practical reasons and not because of the desire of people to get a sense of sharp, though not without it. The fact that in some places the distance between the houses of neighbors are about a mile, with all this moderately spaced houses on a fairly large areas. In other words, when using rifles have the opportunity to get on his own friend, dig in the garden. Shoot the same from shotgun squirrel as clearly no one would, so started to use short-gun, which by the mid-70’s, it was also mnogokalibernym, allowing hunting and large animals. But at that time was a problem that did not have a gun, which would be suitable for these purposes, such guns were more accurate, they appeared at the end of the XIX-th century, but only for one reason or another they did not get even a small spread . Revolvers same that was used for hunting, though represented top reliability, but all the same remained revolvers.

Seeing intrigued market mnogokalibernom massive gun, Magnum Research company began work on the creation of such tools. Served as the basis for a pistol cartridge .357 Magnum. Since the power of the munition, which does not fit the traditional schemes of the pistol automation designers of Magnum Research had to break your head over this problem. As a result, the solution was found in the vapor system similar to used in rifles. Here it should be noted that this automation system reward the Yankees, not the Israelis, as many think. In 1980, a patent was registered at the gun, and in 1981 was released on the first working standard, so Makarov, was spent on all sensitive least three years. Result is the instrument which sought harsh improvements in design, capriciousness different operating conditions, as well as very small resource workers, which naturally does not suit anyone.

 Desert Eagle
Specifically now to work on the future of the desert falcon cut one Israelis in the face of Israel Military Industries. Despite the fact that the base of the gun was already created can not say that IMI does not have these weapons case. Specifically, they have brought a weapon to the applicable traits, but it is even more than half of the work. Though the idea is great, but its embodiment in a commercially produced standard business completely normal. For the implementation of the gun was spent finishing about a year, as a result of the market instrument appeared Eagle 357. If we talk about what this gun different from the following Falcon, here it should be noted Alloy frame and traditional cutting of the gun barrel. In general, the frame was soon changed to the iron, which had a positive impact on the resource tools, but much to increment its weight. In 1985 he was upgraded gun barrel was replaced by a barrel with polygonal notch cross section trunk has come to represent a true octagon. This allowed a little increase speed bullet guns facilitate the purification increment lifetime trunk, as well as lower returns nekordinalno gun. Particularly now in the title weapon added the word «desert.»

In 1989 there Desert Eagle Mark VII. The main difference from the previous variants of this gun is the trigger mechanism that allows adjustment of the force to create depression and move the trigger. This broadened scope of implementation guns and gun began to be used in competitive shooting, or rather he got the opportunity. Just appeared on the trunk rail-type «dovetail» that allowed to set different sights. Signs to highlight is that this gun was manufactured under .357 ammo, .41 and .44 Magnum, with .41 caliber cartridge was finally abolished from the gun used in ammunition.

In 1995, the creation of the gun was moved to the area of ​​the United States, where a year later made the latest version of the most famous now Desert Falcon Mark XIX. This gun was developed under the first ammo .50 AE also has options for cartridges of .357 and .44 Magnum. New ammo made of massive guns and so real hand gun with a muzzle energy of the shot equally 1500-1800 joules. This made the likelihood of guns for hunting large animal with a guaranteed defeat from the first shot, of course in case of contact. In principle, a need for such ammunition was not, because with these puzzles, which is governed by other patrons, but it is specifically made this gun in your own unique way to power in the midst of a short-guns. Specifically, it is of interest to directors and writers who are naturally not without supply manufacturer, steel arm kinogeroev similar tool.

But armed with a pistol so people who must often use a weapon not in a hurry. The fact is that, despite the high efficiency of munitions that are used in weapons, pistols Desert Eagle have a tremendous amount of defects that overlap its advantages. First, it’s natural weight and size, which is loaded with a constant wear, not to mention the fact that in order to carry this gun nestled must own body very well, huge size, well or wear a hoodie. The second more significant drawback is its recoil guns. Recoil when shooting really quite impressive, but if we draw parallels with guns that use the same ammo, it eventually turns out that Desert Eagle has more Myagenkaya returns. This happens thanks to the automation tools, as well as through the barrel with polygonal notch. But do not think that because of this recoil is reduced significantly. Yes, it is lower, but not so much that it could be comfortably call. If we talk in general about the convenience of guns in general, we can not see very wide handle, which envelop the one hand will be many inconsistencies, but when shooting from 2-hand, this problem disappears, even in front of an instrument to become more comfortable when holding. In general, this worldview may vary, because each has its own anatomical features. The advantages of this gun is the fact that it has a fairly large controls with a precise way. But it can be called, and less because they can interfere with wearing guns. Availability bars for mounting additional sighting devices should significantly expand convenience gun, but subject to and without the huge weight guns is not enough to build his hurry. In other words, given a gun of any appeal, or when wearing or when shooting can not be called comfortable, although people with fists weight in pounds this gun opposite may be impeccable.

For me personally, this benchmark short-gun stands out not for its ammunition and dimensions with weight. More fascinating aspect is its automatic, which is no similar commercially manufactured samples snub guns. The fact that part of the automatic pistol built by the scheme removal of powder gases from the barrel that allows the use of weapons is quite massive ammunition. When fired, the chamber through a hole about a portion of the powder gases leaves the barrel and begins to put pressure on the piston, which transmits a pulse to the slide frame guns. When driving back the bolt pistol turns and unlocks the bore, which is locked at 4 lugs. Is ejected cartridge cases and trigger gun platoon. When working in the chamber movement served a new cartridge, and the shutter is rotated again, locking bore, then gun again ready for the brand new shot. The most exciting moment is that he removal of powder gases and gun barrel represent a single item that has a positive effect on the reliability and durability of the gun. But it has negative traits. This gun does not recommend the use of bullets, the shell of which is completed before the narrowing of the propelled projectile. When using similar ammunition can happen zasvintsovyvanie vents, clean which will be very difficult.

A few words must be said about the ammunition used in the weapons, all options, of course, will not be considered, but only those three, who are now under the gun is announced.
Desert Eagle
.357 Magnum cartridge was developed by Smith & Wesson as a substitute already aging .38 Special cartridge for police. Despite the fact that the titles of ammunition visible difference in the caliber actually they shoot similar bullets. It was manufactured in order not appeared turmoil between the old and new cartridges. The real diameter of the bullets of these munitions is 9.12 mm. Roughly speaking, the new cartridge from an old differed only by the length of the sleeve, which grew to 34.77 mm, respectively, and increased linkage of gunpowder, which was the pool allows you to set the kinetic energy right up to 800 joules. But other than that grown and returns that make it harder to promote several of the weapon on the market and in the police environment. Yet, to the fifties of the twentieth century, this cartridge to become one of the most important for many police departments. At this time, the cartridge begins to gain popularity and in the midst of hunters, though they use it more often in carbines, though short-weapon under this munition begins to use fans to shoot small animals in demand. This led to the fact that there was an unlimited number of different embodiments of the cartridge, although in most cases the differences are only in the pool. In addition, this munition can be considered the favorite in the midst of patrons who equip themselves arrows. So, regardless of your own honorable age, this cartridge is still afloat and quite vserasprostranen.

.44 Magnum ammo or, to be more precise, .44 Remington Magnum was never the live ammunition and designed only as a hunting cartridge. It was created in 1955, back as a more powerful candidacy for ammunition .357. In short arms it is used as a hunting ammunition, in most cases recommended for self-defense from feral animals. When used in rifles and carbines this cartridge has been published for several different class and is considered highly accurate hunting cartridges. Is noteworthy that, thanks to the cinematography ago instrument under this cartridge began to arm the representatives of law enforcement, but this is only happening on the screen. Variants of the weapon is also quite a lot, and they are as different only in the main bullet. Depending on the length of the gun barrel, the brand of gunpowder and bullets most of its energy can be in the range from 900 to 2200 joules. Naturally, that the very highest performance when using the cartridge in the rifle.

Followed and the last on his own power is .50 AE ammo. If the .44 Magnum at least some applications can be found, here is 12.7 mm caliber cartridge is obvious overkill. Ago this same hunting munition that is not used as a battle, although he found a use for knocking door locks. Proceeding from the above spoken, it becomes clear that even the ammunition used Desert Eagle pistol can not be considered combat, and its weight and dimensions make it very cumbersome to wear.

So makarom only reasonable use of this weapon is hunting. This is facilitated and fairly easy adaptation of one pistol caliber to another, and the ability to install a longish stem and additional sighting devices that total more difficulty making a cheap gun, if the gun under three different cartridges, although the gun obviously can not claim the title cheapest kind guns. Certainly, Desert Eagle pistol with charisma is if someone will say, he did not wish to at least hold this weapon in his hands, he obviously lying. Another thing is that the practical implementation of such a gun except hunting and shooting veselitelnoy just yet.
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