Destroyers climate myths

Who does not know the popular western scientific gear called "Mythbusters"? One of popular sites have decided to give an evidence-based response to the most popular myths and misconceptions about global warming. So, your attention is invited top myths, followed by their "scientific destruction":

Myth number 1. People can not be involved in climate change, because it changed and before the cars and industry. Response to science. Our planet supports thermal balance, responding quickly to the lack or excess of energy coming from the sun.

Depending on whether more or less than our planet has accumulated heat on it is global warming or global cooling. Today, climate change has nothing to do with the self-regulation of the planet, since it occurs due to the imbalance caused by the glut of atmosphere and ocean greenhouse gases.

Myth number 2.
But it's cold outside! How can we talk about warming, when the courtyard is covered with several decimeters of snow? Response to science. Local momentary temperature can not be considered as part of the long-term trend of global warming. For these local ups and downs of temperature lies slow moving increase in global temperature. To get a real picture of what is happening, the researchers considered only long-term changes.

Myth number 3. To blame the sun. In the last few hundred years, solar activity increases, and after it is heated and the Earth. Response to science. Increased solar activity in the last century explains a rise in temperature, but its contribution to global warming is negligible. In the last 35 years, the Sun has shown a tendency to weaken its activity, and our planet, meanwhile, continues to heat up. The study showed that in the period from 2005 to 2010, when solar activity was unusually low, the Earth continued to absorb the excess energy Tues 0.58 per square meter. The question is not how much heat the sun sends to us, and how much of it can be reflected back to Earth in space.

Myth number 4. In the scientific world, there is no consensus on the issue of global warming. Response to science. From the fact that the culprit of climate change is human activity, 97% of scientists agree.

Myth number 5. CO2 is not a pollutant. Response to science. Greenhouse gas, which is a product of photosynthesis, in excessive amounts can be compared with the polluter of the ocean and the atmosphere. The thermal energy released from the surface of the earth, lingers in the atmosphere of excessive greenhouse gas causing global warming.

Myth number 6. Warm periods good for humanity. Response to science. In a number of positive aspects, global warming is a greater threat to agriculture, human health and the environment. One study in 2007 showed a longer growing season in the Netherlands, but in the same year due to climate change, there is a shortage of water, more frequent and intense forest fires, expansion of deserts.
Among the common myths is and increase of ice mass of Antarctica, and the inaccuracy of mathematical models of climate, and much more. Well, that society asks, and answers science, because it is in discussions and dialogues truth is born.

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