Detect bacteria in drinking water at Turkey, where poisoned by Russians

Representatives of the Ministry of Health in Turkey have found the bacteria in the drinking water at Club Gunes Garden, Russian guests who turned in late July for medical help with symptoms of food poisoning, said on Monday Rosturizm with reference to the Turkish embassy in Russia, RIA Novosti

According to the Office, July 26, 2011 in the Turkish Alanya with complaints of nausea, vomiting and malaise in hospitals in Turkey turned 69 tourists vacationing at Club Gunes Garden, 30 of which — the citizens of Russia. On the same day 66 tourists after care have been discharged from hospitals. July 27, 2011 were issued the remaining three tourists.
"The study in the basin revealed exceedances of chlorine and alkaline substances.

The water used in the hotel kitchen, no abnormalities were found. In drinking water detected bacteria "- said in a statement.
Spokesman for the Federal Tourism Agency Oleg Moseyev earlier told RIA Novosti urged those tourists who left the hotel Club Gunes Garden on July 26 and feel unwell already on the road or in Russia, contact Rosturizm to authority can assist in obtaining possible compensation.

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