Diary of a Writer: paddy wagon with music

Society Debriefing — oh, what a useful and interesting work! The guards regime of all stripes, breaking pens, write reports about a "revolution in the heads" of his sluzhbistskae care, the mass arrest of people (I will only talk about Grodno), that had to dissolve all the houses because they do not have a team — yes jail space available in the "kutuztsy" no. And on the back of the "barricades" — a heated discussion of how an accelerated rhythm of "law enforcement officers" kicked surpass the plan, was seized, loaded into a paddy wagon even your favorite person with the bike. Well, it's just for the medal can be attached without thinking!

Long live the movie

You can imagine: tserberav regime at the briefing, "with whom to begin" teach train — from those who stand out a bit! First, of course, missed the most brazen — mass arrests that police are trying to lock the phone and camera, video camera and who — out of order! But the effort down the drain. Soon, the internet can even see a movie, a little bit in the style of Charlie Chaplin, only sinister version turned out.
In the square itself, with the Soviet street scene with red and green flags with the abbreviation such as "Komsomol" on all Ivanovo "Love, Komsomol and spring!" Some brought up to date version. In the middle of the public square. The power to undo the flame of revolutionary social networking has come up with their holiday. People mingled. Excess hemorrhoids for the police: how to define — who dabranadeyny, and who — not at all?
But come Troopers: Two buses, two paddy wagons, "gazelle-hoppers." People in caps, neckties under as it should, without delay, grabbed and dragged by the neck, under four or five caps bear arms-legs. Yet under joyful songs, touched the DJ suddenly want more cheerfully exclaim area: "Congratulations on the holiday town!" Thank you, man, you too.
Kintz, guys, though once in Berlin send to "bear" them. Or at Cannes, the competition of commercials, we will — "tourist": Welcome, dear, you are such not see anywhere else — "came to me in Belarus, the city of Grodno, Soviet, eight!"


Debriefing. Someone remembered the wittiest quote from a movie about Munchausen — originally thought of celebration, then arrests. Then he decided to combine … It is a case of Grodno.
This is an unusual creative experience: zagustsenne material, sentences, words, paragraphs, birth, work. I remember an old woman churn as netsyarplivilasya get oil. I remember beating a hand cream for "Napoleon."
The same thing happened in the city. On the approaches to the square piles, the youth of the community. Physically, I feel this "revolution in the minds of" hundreds and hundreds of people close to the square, where a lot of caps and less catchy, but also significant "civilian", they are also everywhere. Physically feel also that in the brains of power stasis be aired, but the vents open is strictly prohibited.
Grodno scenario — the walk between the two areas — that veterans, the Santas, the second — also with a sound called communist, with Volotovskaya statue. Young people and there are two buses with the "civil" — too. Here grab with the argument — why sit in a position for the May Day rallies? And indeed, there is not the church you to sit still!

"On the mountain passes Absurd"

Soviet area — the area of architectural decorations. Half — gray, mediocre, it was the Soviets. Other — works of the architect … Statue of Christ, wagons, tank on pastamentse, church on the hill with empty niches from which the statue was taken recently, the theater and horse-Pegasus, also in place of the church.
In the theater, this is no time to put the play "cap and Revolution," moved from the area of the stage. Recently watched "King Ubu" Alfred Heat, the Polish version with NDP-native-accent. There is also an area of the accident — a change of government. Now, instead of the crown Ventseslava only cap, though elegant, of course, the Crown in museum display cases.
Think again: Pole Vitkatsy plucked from the heat of the creative fuse. Drama "Duban Vahazar, or passes on the absurd," it is also — of lust for power, sole power. Quotations are taken Nietzsche's words: "However, the power gets pretty expensive — it zbalvanvae." Hero Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz said: "I myself am holding only thanks what I look at everything as a passage from a science fiction novel. "
In "Pass absurd", by the way, and the writer mentions: "Backstage heard a volley of rifle," the protagonist responds — "Oh, less than one writer. Pasvyazhela air immediately. Himself does not like to write and scribblers can not stand. Dog tribe on earth would they broke up! "
In our performance will be as follows: participants "in the minds of the revolution" — is the audience, they are sitting in the hall. Valiant campaigner regime with a paddy wagon, of course, on the stage. They create order, instruction, decisive raid on the series. Spectators are locked in a paddy wagon, which — as a tunnel, when suddenly there was no place — in the orchestra pit. By doing the work, with thoughts of glass and pork choir sings caps empty hall: "Our office and apasnoy and hard!"

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