Did the saucer Nazis?

The farther into the depths of history takes years of the Second World War, the more often in the pages of popular publications appear sensational stories about secret German weapons. Sometimes these messages in a careful investigation can detect a significant amount of truth, which, for whatever reasons, was not very pleasant victorious countries. Here we are primarily talking about the German rocket technology, on the basis of which in the years ahead broke sharply rocket science in the United States and the Soviet Union. Both of these countries after the war reproduced and modified the notorious V-2. A German specialists exported to these countries, took part in laying the foundations for the subsequent missile achievements. Some evidence suggests that even the basics of ITNs have been developed in the institutions of the Third Reich.Recently, in the pages of popular publications United States and Russia has emerged a new sensation — flying saucers huge sizes (up to 70 meters in diameter) and reach speeds of over 2000 km / h were allegedly made in secret laboratoriyah.Poskolku German and American authors of our publications (Paul Stonehill and Yuri Stroganov) refer to different literary sources, it is interesting to compare the information they obtain. Paul Stonehill mentions a book by Rudolf Lussari "German secret weapon in World War II", published in London in 1959, Yuri Stroganov in the article "Another mystery of the Third Reich?", Published in the journal "Technology — Youth» № 9 for 1992 , used the information from the book of Lehmann's "The German secret weapons of World War II and its further development", published in Munich in 1962 It seems that the authors are in the same source informatsii.Lussar writes that the work on the flying discs were launched in 1941 He mentions the names of four designers: three Germans — Schriever, Gabermolya, Mithi and Italian Bellontso. Sri Gabermol faiths and worked in Prague. It was here that they have taken the test of his creation — a flying disk with a diameter of about 68 meters. The test took place on February 14, 1945. Apparatus for three minutes reached an altitude of 12,400 meters and has developed into a horizontal flight speed of over 2,000 km / h. It was supposed to reach a speed of 4,000 km / h. Before the advent of Soviet troops prototype of the "saucer" was unichtozhen.Esche one constructor of the said trio — My Tho — worked in Breslau (Wroclaw). He designed the "metal disc" with a diameter of 42 m with a jet engine. Plant where it was built, was captured by Russian troops, and with all the equipment moved to Omsk. Here, the work on the "flying saucer" was continued. Captured and another constructor "saucers" from Prague — Gabermol who lives somewhere in the USSR (the book was published in 1962). What did the Italian "Cymbalist" — Bellontso, the book does not compare yasno.Dlya now use the information Lehmann. In his version, the first "flying saucer" in the form of a disk with blades rotating around the cockpit with the pilot (so-called. Model number 1), was created by German engineers and Gabermolem Shriver in 1940 A series of subsequent modifications allowed to reach speeds of 1200 km / h, but all models of these two designers were destined to remain at the level of experimental development. At the end of the Soviet escaped captivity and move to USA. Lehmann is born and mysterious Italian Bellontso. It turns out that it was he, together with the Austrian inventor Viktor Schauberger built and tested the same 68-meter drive, and not with Gabermolem Shriver. By the same drive was not built in Prague, and in Breslau. The test was not conducted its 14th and 19th of February. The facility has reached heights not 12, but 15 thousand meters, however, developing the same speed of 2,000 km / chas.No real fantasy lies not even in the disk, and the "smokeless and flameless" engine Shauberge Mr. B., of which up to now, we only know that the "principle of its operation based on the explosion, and at work he consumed only water and air." Mystery Schauberger, also moved to the U.S., the Americans allegedly offered three million dollars for the secret engine flying disk, but he allegedly showed integrity and refused to do so prior to the signing of "international agreement on complete disarmament."
Based on such an obvious misunderstandings, the authors of both books will probably not use documents and retold by rumors or other sources informatsii.Za the past half-century has not given any output and removed from Breslau "Cymbal factory" in Omsk. By the way, at the end of the war came back from Siberia to the center of all the factories were evacuated. And that was exported from Germany, even top-secret company that created the ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons, including the participation of German experts was located near Moscow, at least not on the Urals.
Available more reliable sources of information give a somewhat different picture.
On the establishment in the early 40's in Germany the aircraft in the form of a "flying saucer" short reports and a number of military historians, such as H. Mielke, and even less an authority than the "father of the German Space" Professor Oberth, appeared after the war, along with Werner von Braun in SShA.Odnako in these reports talking about the machine more modest size. If, instead of the diameter of 68 meters to take 6, 8 meters, it will be much closer to the descriptions of other witnesses. In addition to the reports explicitly mentioned apparatus equipped with a screw propeller drives a conventional piston engine.
For information about creating a "flying saucer", with a diameter of nearly 70 meters and has a top speed of over 1000 km / h, should be attributed to the field of literary or journalistic vymysla.Forma "saucer" is not optimal from an aerodynamic point of view, to move at supersonic speed in a dense atmosphere . A simple calculation shows that to achieve a similar rate of "plate" with a diameter of 68 m is required engine capacity of over 100,000 liters. with. naturally reaktivnyy.Sozdanie in the 40-ies of these engines was impossible for purely technical reasons, it was impossible to create in the 60's for the same reasons pocket calculators. Turbofan engines in those years — English, German and Soviet — have power on the order of hundreds of liters. s. So just as fantastic and the history of the engine, consuming only "air and water" and mysteriously disappeared along with his izobretatelem.Poskolku Paul Stonehill and Yuri Stroganov together indicate that they describe "saucers" were made in Czechoslovakia, use the eyewitness.
8 of our press this issue had been raised in the article Ovcharenko and A. Korzun "Shtirlits not in his" plate "…" ("Komsomolskaya Pravda", 1. 11. 1991.) It makes reference to the testimony of 19 soldiers and officers of the Wehrmacht, who observed an unusual test flights of the aircraft in autumn 1943 device is a metal disk with a diameter of 5.6 meters drop-in shower in the center. A 6 meters — this is an acceptable value for the model driven by the relatively low-powered engines. Quite curious and the message of the Czech engineer Jiri Cramer, who told reporters that his father was involved in the design and manufacture of experimental models of disc-shaped aircraft still in the pre-war years. sketch He demonstrated the device, by the way, is also having a diameter of about 6 meters, which was set in motion several engines located in the recesses of his body on the circle. Because the machine has been building military, orders for parts of it have been placed in several plants, including the motor factory "Tatra", and so that g
uess their appointments layman could not be . interesting fact is that the engines had been ordered for him Yanisheka motorcycle factory and Wagner ("Java"), ie, it is an ordinary internal combustion engines, most likely, two-stroke (there is speculation that the modification of the three-cylinder engine used in the future a small car such as the GDR "Trabant" and "Wartburg"). This evidence sheds light on the strange fact that such a secret German aircraft designed and manufactured in Czechoslovakia for some reason. At the same time, the eyewitness evidence to establish technically in a real time machine.

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