Discovered a new threat to the ozone layer of the planet

British scientists from the Universities of Leeds and York, discovered a new threat to the ozone layer of our planet. Scientists were able to establish that in the boundary layer between the ocean and the atmosphere generated previously unknown gas — couples gipooksidnoy acid.

The discovery was made in the laboratory, where a special aquarium scientists observed the reaction that takes place between the ozone in the air, and the iodine contained in the water. Professor of Chemistry at the University of York Lucy Carpenter explains, "We were able to model the interaction of ozone with iodine and establish that the reaction produces gas, which plays an important role in atmospheric chemistry."

The most intensive gas is released in the tropical regions of the ocean, therefore, it is the greatest threat to the ozone layer of the Earth's tropical belt is. Explains the scientist from the University of Leeds, John Plain: "In tropical latitudes greater amount of iodine in the surface layer is ready to react with ozone. Due to the higher temperature of the water speed and intensity of the reaction of iodine and ozone are higher. "

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