Disorder in space, or that affects the interplanetary station

Cases braking movement of space probes observed since the early '70s. An unknown force knocked off course spacecraft.

What is it affected by the station, slowing their movement and knocking off course while could not figure out. The first station, which was launched into space in 1972, flew through the wall of asteroids and examined them. When she came out of the solar system, its speed has decreased dramatically and changed the direction of flight.

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Next automatic station, launched into space in 1973, came close to Saturn. Twenty years later, the unit is out of the solar system, and also slowed his movement and strayed off course, some strange forces shot down towards the station.

Space probes sent to explore the "Uiliss", "Galileo" and "Cassini" is also demonstrated similar oddities. "Cassini" flew in 2000 near Jupiter, and continued to move on to Saturn.

Who or what inhibits and confuses automatic interplanetary station? Scientists have expressed a sensible assumption that pushing the laws of celestial mechanics, the direction of motion of the vehicle can affect an unexplored planet, or clusters of large asteroids. If this is the true reason, the undiscovered planet must be somewhere on the edge of the solar system beyond Pluto. Approximately between the constellations Gemini and Bull.

But this phenomenon are other assumptions that may explain the cause of the unusual phenomena. These explanations are convincing enough and sufficiently supported by solid arguments. At least, so say the authors proposed hypotheses.

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