Do I need to go to Kiev station on December 15?

Need to look around and regroup after the events of the Manege, do not give yourself cannon fodder for someone else's game. So, on December 15 scheduled clash Caucasians and Russian youth in the square at the Kiev station. Actions are beginning to emerge clearly in a huge "wiring". What do Russian national movement to these criteria?

I can not call others to that, what he can not participate. Has a broken leg 13th and moving around on crutches at the moment obliged to sit at home and phoning friends. Because half out of order and "Neyromir-TV." Spoke with Vladimir Kvachkov (Militia), Vladimir Tor (Movement Against Illegal Immigration) and Vladimir Khomyakov ("People's Council"). Some of the resulting picture is. I'll try to lay out.

Trivial ERRORS
The situation resembles more the traditional "wiring": Russian youth make a clear bogey (stupid Nazis, ready to kill all non-Russian indiscriminately), with all this the same young people throwing knives at a Caucasian "European" (near Kiev railway station). All translated into the mainstream of pure ethnic massacres, with all this corrupt government devotes violent energy of the masses from herself. And once an opportunity to decapitate the Russian protest movement, clearing the way for the takeover liberasty (Kasyanov, Nemtsov and Co.).

There the similarity with the events of early October 1993. Then the masses played along a little (have allowed to overturn the cordon at the Council House, City Hall to take on the new Arbat, threw trucks ignition keys, subtly pushed the movement of the masses in Ostankino, right under the bullets) — and later staged a brutal massacre and the shooting of the same mass. Immediately demonize the defenders of the Supreme Council: showing up on TV raises his right hand part of the protesters, depicting them by the Nazis, of which there can and should be killed.

More December 10, being in Minsk, we talked with Misha Delyagin midnight. He said to me that the manipulators with the old area will try to play the card of the youth of Russian nationalism. And so it happened. Outraged by the murder of Yegor Sviridov guys came out with the protests is very correct: not with the obvious ethno-nationalism, and the requirements to punish etnokriminalnye mafia, land a killer behind bars Yegor Sviridov and all past killers Russian fans, about to punish those "law enforcement officers" who are these killers unleashed . In other words, the movement was initially a civilian anti-corruption and positive — aimed at the destruction of the system of a Caucasian mafia and spliced them corrupt cops. Hence it was only a short step to the political demands: the power shift, honest elections, the abolition of Article 282, building a clear policy towards Sevkavkazu and fierce fighting both corruption and with etnokriminalnymi mafias.

But on 11 December and the following days are all found broken. The protesters were deliberately launched on Manezh. And even under the best of the Kremlin wall in Alexander Garden. And there was given passions run wild. Against the Russian youth was the fact that she touched barbarization and savagery. Part of the young has turned into "white wood blocks" in psychology is not much different from the same North scum. All resulted in the primitive beating all non-Russian indiscriminately. I do not know where is the act of provocateurs, and where — just stupidity of today's young idiots (dvuizvilinnyh, as I call them). But the fact remains that the media cameras recorded the Nazi salutes, beating people of non-Slavic appearance, breakthrough Muzzy crowds in the subway, where ordinary idiots have to pull out of the subway cars of all non-Russians indiscriminately: right if found guilty. In general, the media protesters have been exposed as a brutal, stupid rednecks. All deteriorated Zapyataev murder (15 per 1st) nor what is not innocent of the Kirghiz, the site of which could turn out to be the Yakut and Tuvan, and Kalmykia and Buryat (the indigenous peoples of the Russian Federation and the centuries of coexisting peacefully with Russian ).

"Dropped FOREST"
So Makar, everything went according to the script, obviously written by Russian enemies. The energy of the protesters instead of being directed against the ruling system robber, was sent into the channel blind ethnic clashes. So that in addition all Caucasians (including the pro-Russian, nevysokoprimativnyh) embitter, triggering the consolidation of anti-Russian ethnocratism in the North Caucasus and other regions. However, many potestit own stupidity began to play along with the script. The final touch of the plan: to throw a young Caucasian Russian knives at the Kiev station on December 15. (As aptly said Vladimir Kvachkov, in this case Caucasian knife — in the hands of the "Jedi." Well, we got the tram back on track — a Jedi got it …)
Following an alleged massacre at the Kiev station likely options. In any case, guilty appointed Russian national movement, what are trashed their favorites — thrown in jail. The field is cleared of the "third force" (Russian nationalism), staying at the security forces and liberasty. Along the system, causing a controlled outrage burns specifically Russian protest potential. Done "fell out of the forest": neutralize the most active Russian.

And then — even more likely scenario worthy of attention.

First: the rise of Putin. He again appears as a lifeguard position by introducing enhanced to Moscow riot police and Interior Troops, setting armored vehicles at intersections and curfew. With all of this Putin quite clever, not to be used to restore order Kadyrov nokors not to discredit themselves. Wimp, afraid of revelry as Russian fans and Caucasian militants Applauds National favorite, who wins points from the weak little Medvedev. Russian movement of state and public release decapitated, the protesters are driven into the stall. Over the fans and Russian nationalists arrange demonstrations councils, and punishment. Applause, flowers, praise …

2nd scenario: Putin obdelyvaetsya. In Moscow, violent ethnic clashes erupted, there Kadyrov. Media are howling about the dangers of "Russian fascism". West shocked. There is a shift of Putin and the seizure of power pro-Western liberasty. Fortunately, December 15 — it's also the announcement of the verdict in the Khodorkovsky newcomer, to exhibit the power of today's how vile, vindictive. A union of all the pro-Western liberal forces (Nemtsov, Kasyanov, etc.) are already committed on December 12. Neoeltsinizm comes to power, with the full support of the West. Temporary allies of pro-Western liberals (leftists) are fused. Caucasus ablaze and separated. And then — brand new wave of Russian genocide under the guise of "radical democratic reforms."
Do we need both of these scenarios? I think not.

Regroup and thoughts

The ideal course of action on this day — to break away from the Russian script is not written. At the time of the brakes, and reflect soorganizovatsya.
In 1-x, you must surely admit that the fans and the active Russian young people to seize power are not ready. There is no common vision for the future of the country, nor the personnel to manage the economy, money, army, etc. Do not see any signs that the protesters are able to form an analogue of the Council of Workers, Peasants 'and Soldiers' Deputies, in the spring of 1917. They will not create a shadow government and.

Why is today's form of protest-Russian Youth movement (Very dirty dvuizvilinnymi neovarvarami) is doomed to be the battering ram in the wrong hands, and then — at the sacrifice.

Why is
the first step — out of someone else's scheme. Do not go to Kiev station on December 15! Do not entertain the Jedi, whose zeal to pit Russian and Muslims, by remaining on the sidelines and in power. Let the riot itself accelerates Caucasian concourse. Clocked a youth at the Manege! Let the matter involved explosives. A Russian nationalists, being in readiness, readiness to assist state government if it does not cope with the Caucasian hot guys. About this and they say, Vladimir Kvachkov (NOMP), and Vladimir Hamsters ("NA"). Kvachkov said about bringing NOMP on full alert.

I think that the active Russian at present costs, saving fuse righteous anger, to work out muster and notification system. It should be remembered that power at any moment can cut down mobile communications. The subtleties of the case I can not lay: not all-knowing, well, in such cases is not so experienced.

The subsequent step is to regroup and prepare not stupid nationalist and civil political discourse. For example, on January 7. To nominate a clear system requirements. A start. A number of Russian organizations have almost formed a base of common ground: the abolition of Article 282, the change of the "war on Russian extremism" in the fight against etnokriminalnymi factions and corruption in the Interior Ministry, the formation of clear policy on Sevkavkaza (what to do, so it was not a hotbed of diasporas and etnokriminalnyh "black hole" for our economy). Need to develop these further requirements. And, for example, on January 7th to the square with a common platform. Avoiding stupid and self-destructive "Kill all non-Russians!". For the main cause of our troubles — the existence of anti-national systems. Can and should make a list of requirements, using the moment apparent helplessness systems. It is so crap that is trying to save himself, pushing the Russian and non-Russian in mutual slaughter.

"Neyromir-TV" will try, in spite of my "spike" to conduct a general roundtable Russian government movements. Need to put forward the general requirements and break the scenario "expendable fodder" that we are preparing enemies. In the unlikely event the Russian lose again, in October 1993. Fall victim to the insidious "moderators of the process."

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