Dolphins mass ejected in the northeast U.S.

American volunteers trying to save the dolphins that mass beaching in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, reported

This week on the beach about 60 dolphins stranded on the beaches of five staff. 20 of them, unfortunately, could not be saved.

Now peninsula kurglosutochno duty six environmental specialists and about 300 volunteers.

The problem is that the length of the section on which the emissions dolphins quite extensive — about 40 miles away, and sometimes just do not have time to volunteer time to pick up the animals.

It is unknown what causes such a huge number of dolphins washed ashore. Sometimes, of course, this happens, but not on the scale — usually no more than 1-2 animals.

"The dolphins are beaching whole flocks, — said Kathy Moore, one of the rescuers. — It's very strange. "

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