Domestic double gyroplane servant boy made an impression on the professionals

As is known, the aircraft — not cheap, also requires good flight training. Dreaming of the sky enthusiasts are increasingly taken for the development of simple and reliable aircraft — autogyro. One of them — the inventor and designer of Sergiev Posad Yuri Korneev, who created today is a whole family of gyros.

His first autogyro as the "first-born servant boy," took to the skies in 2003. It was a double gyro with a heated cabin. Before making gyros, mainly puller (front unit, which complicated the alignment). Korneev is focused on the design with a pusher propeller, suffered a power plant back that much easier alignment. A layout of the site has provided a safe, maneuverable and stable flight.

"Ginger" on skis

Circling the gyroplane pilot produced designer Peter Grushin (grandson of Academician PA Grushin — outstanding designer-rocket scientists) and gave a good review of the flying qualities "firstborn." He also taught Korneev fly on their own machines. By the way, the first of the "Kazatchkov" is alive and well and still, changing the owner, continues to fly in Orsk (total flying more than 1,700 hours).

"Gyroplane — aircraft with main rotor to rotate freely under the influence of air flow and creates lift. The engine on the gyro is used for propulsion, which provides forward motion — says Yu.Korneev. — The main and most valuable property of the gyro is its safety. It is achieved by the lack of stall the loss of forward speed, with the possibility of an engine failure landings on unprepared ground, commensurate with the size of the device, and low sensitivity to atmospheric turbulence. However, I must mention that security gyroplane only takes place when it is properly designed and well-made of durable materials. " From design gyro Korneev decided that the unit should be a heated, enclosed cabin, and, above all, to have a reliable and capricious to our fuels and lubricants motor. By 2007, he had built a delicate and designed in computer-aided design (CAD) Double autogyro "Little Red." In 2009, a new gyroplane with the engine 2.5 liters of "servant boy-gold." Today in the arsenal of the designer — designed from the ground up and built two-seat helicopter — also "servant boy".


"Ginger" on skis

One of the "Kazatchkov" was shown only once, at a rally of light aviation in Vladimir. At the Salon "Archimedes-2012" gyroplane Korneev there was only one day, and not all visitors were able to see it, but the author of the unit managed to get a diploma "Best Inventor of Moscow."

For the first time a truly "servant boy" was an exhibit at the May international exhibition Helirussia-2012 "Crocus Expo". Many visitors are interested, first of all, the price — 1.5 million rubles, which are ready to sell the gyro manufacturers. Today, the need for gyroplanes in the Russian market is estimated at about 1,000 copies a year. However, even in mass production one of the alleged manufacturers can not bid less than 2.5 — 6 million rubles. And this machine as a "servant boy", can be a serious competitor.


Yuri Korneev with his brainchild

Much in the "Cossack woman" made by automotive technology at a good industrial base. On machines installed new engines SUBARU 2,5 liter 173 hp, limited to a screw 155-160 hp The fuel is gasoline AI-92, a fuel tank capacity — 85 l fuel consumption — from 13.5 to 23 l / h at different flight conditions. Heating is provided by a stove with two-speed mode and the possibility of adjustment of supply air to the feet and the windshield. Maximum take-off weight — 450-600 lbs. Cruising speed gyro 90-130 km / h, the maximum — 160 km / h Range — up to 500 km. Gyroplane equipped with a host of devices for control systems work. Also on the landing there are four, two flight lights and rotating beacon.


In the cockpit, "Coach" — Hope

Yuri Korneev has already taught to fly gyroplanes four people, including his wife — Hope. "Of the women gyroplane pilots, as far as I know, she was the first in Russia," — says the designer.


Yuri Egorov

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