Domestic LEDs in Krasnoyarsk: enterprise, building, facility utilities, street

February 18 as part of the VIII Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum signed an agreement on strategic cooperation between the group companies "OptoGaN" and the Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Krasnoyarsk Territory on the implementation of lighting systems based on high-brightness LEDs in Russia.
Group of companies "OptoGaN" is a manufacturer of high-brightness LEDs and lighting systems based on them. The company was founded in 2004 by three students of Nobel laureate Jaures Alferov, graduates of the St. Petersburg Ioffe Institute. Joffe.
In 2008, the OptoGaN acquired group Onexim. In 2009, in order to create their own production in the Russian super-bright LEDs have been reported JSC "OptoGaN." Investors in the project were GK "Nanotechnologies", ONEXIM Group and Of "RIC".

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