Domestic programs diving training

National Dive League (National Dive League) — An organization created in 2003 in Russia, for the development, promotion and harmonization of training programs and certification diving akvlangistov. 

Were issued the first domestic programs obcheniyu diving and fridayvmingu. 

  • Amateur diving courses. ISBN 978-5-93682-536-1
  • Diving. Under-ice diving. Lifeguard. ISBN 978-5-93682-504-0
  • Professional diving. Divemaster. ISBN 978-5-93630-813-0
  • Freediving. Spearfishing. ISBN 978-5-93682-537-8
  • Diving for children. ISBN 978-5-93630-792-8

NDL program certified to ISO and EN. NDL is the European Underwater Federation (EUF).

NDL — the only Russian company that uses its own international certification of recreational scuba divers and producing textbooks for all courses NDL, including a rare kind of specialization divers as diving under ice.

As part of NDL also developed a program and released a tutorial to teach children. Despite the fact that the NDL is an organization dedicated to teaching scuba diving with breathing apparatus, it developed a specialized training program for freediving. In 2010, the site introduced NDL program of free animated online learning theoretical part of the initial course of diving. 


Currently, an agreement was signed between the National League and the Department Dive fire and rescue forces, special fire protection and civil defense forces on the use of MES materials NLD to prepare divers for rescue officers. Diving National League in accordance with this agreement, the Russian Emergencies Ministry sends DPSS following materials:

1. "Diving. Amateur courses"
2. "Diving. Ice diving. Lifeguard" 
3. Professional diving. Divemaster " 
4. "The first aid in emergency situations" 
5. "Manual instructor NLD" 

Under the agreement, the use of these materials will be referred to the authorship of the National Dive League



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