Domestic UAV hunts underwater?

Underwater helicopter? Oh, really? No, really, a true helicopter! Just do not screw in the rear of the plane. And the floats and can not fly.…1239218132_podlodka_0.jpg
The exposition XII Moscow International Salon of Industrial Property "Archimedes" (Robots "Archimedes" — 1; Robots "Archimedes" — 2. Mystery absent presence; drones to hunt for a state of emergency. Robots and "Archimedes" — 3) saw the exhibit, so to me Loved not elegant form, and functionality, and the degree of readiness for mass use. The project, which is not a shame to invest.…1239218128_podlodka_1.jpg
It's about an underwater multifunction bespilotnike offered by a small group of H &K.
Unmanned underwater vehicles designed to patrol the local underwater areas and the initial evaluation of the detected objects. Perhaps the use of low-key intelligence, as well as monitoring the safety of underwater vessels standing on the roads, oil platforms, etc.…1239218193_podlodka_2.jpg
PPA has a well-streamlined spindle-shaped body with two propellers in the form of screws to control the cyclic and collective pitch. One propeller consists of a propeller, the axis of which is located along the horizontal construction NPA. The second mover is only at lower speed to very low speeds or in the absence of horizontal velocity and the NPA is a screw whose axis of rotation is perpendicular to the horizontal construction NPA. When traveling at a cruising speed of the screw is fixed and is the x-shaped system of horizontal controlled rudders.
Unmanned underwater vehicles is the original Russian draft.…1239218269_podlodka_3.jpg
NPA, an appropriate choice of the geometrical characteristics of the hull and propellers, provide noise levels no different from the natural.…1239218317_podlodka_4.jpg
The design of PPA provides its high maneuverability at all speeds. Designed a prototype to confirm the expected performance.…1239218361_podlodka_5.jpg…1239218394_podlodka_6.jpg
Bells VY

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