Downpours have caused flooding and landslides in China

Prolivgnye rainfall in Jiangxi not stop for days.Prolonged rainfall in the east and south-east China's Jiangxi and Fujian provinces have been a disaster. In Jiangxi killed four people. By nine am on 3 May by the Government was declared mass evacuation 18,000 people for whom there was a threat of flooding.
According to preliminary calculations, the heavy rain caused damage to 543 thousand residents of 34 Chinese counties, districts and towns. In Jiangxi damaged 33,900 hectares of crops, most of the crop is beyond repair. Completely flooded and destroyed more than 5,700 homes and other 4200 have serious damage. In Fujian three hours of torrential rains washed away four houses, damaged 19. Calculations are carried out other losses.

The members of a paramilitary group in China to help the victims of the floods. Londzhan, Fujian province. May 2, 2012.

Incessant rain in many parts of China has led to landslides. The city Shaodzhan, Guangdong Province, a landslide killed one person, two others were reported missing. Landslides and strong winds disrupted traffic on the section of the international highway in Tibet Autonomous Region, leading to Kathmandu. This happened just after the government was restored post-route after the recent incident with the weather. Difficult to move around the forest recreation in central China's Hubei Province. The district Niyalam about 150 cars were in the landslide "trap" on the road. All attempts to revive the movement offset by new landslides.Source:

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