Dozens of animals have disappeared from the zoo in Australia after vandals attack

At least 60 animals, including representatives of the rare species that disappeared after vandals attacked the zoo on the Australian island of Tasmania, said on Saturday channel ABC News.

Criminals have infiltrated zoo in the night from Thursday to Friday. They cut the locks with cages, which contained exotic birds, kangaroos and monkeys. The victims of the massacre were nine birds — Vandals tore feathered head.

"They caught them (the birds) and smashed or torn off their heads. This was a heartbreaking sight. How could people do that?" — Says the owner of the zoo shocked Warren Dick (Dick Warren).

Among the inhabitants of the zoo lost one funeral cockatoo and five spotted marsupial martens. According to the employee zoo Courtney McMahon (Courtney McMahon), the attack threatened the program for the protection of rare species, which is held at the zoo.

Currently under investigation, motives of the perpetrators investigated.

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