Dozens of Thai provinces hit by drought

More than half of the provinces of Thailand declared a disaster area due to the prolonged dry weather. The situation is worst in the north and north-east, where the lack of rain is felt most acutely.

There were in a bind over 100,000 Thais. Almost all of them are farmers who have selected the drought season crop.

In provinces with access to the reservoir "Queen Sirikit", the level of water in which nearly fell, the situation is not as dire. In addition, various organizations, state and local level are trying to provide the most diverse, including financial, to residents 42 arid provinces. To this end, the budget was allocated 50 million baht.

However, the weather service warned Thailand that will soon engulf the north of the country, another wave of hot dry weather, and encourage local people to be alert. By the end of the month cold air masses from China several Thai mitigate the heat, bringing welcome rainfall. In May, the country's rainy season is.


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