Dramatic warming threatens river floods and water logging of housing in Khakassia

Dramatic warming — to plus 15 degrees predicted in Khakassia in the next three days, can cause intense snowmelt, flooding of small rivers and flooding of low-lying areas, said on Saturday at the regional emergencies department of Khakassia.

"On the basis of data forecasters Emergency Situations Ministry to warn of Khakassia floodings lowland terrain. From heavy snow melt and flood the small rivers may be affected individual home ownership and economic facilities," — said in a statement.

GUMCHS recommended that heads of municipalities and business leaders to monitor the state of hydraulic structures, ensure the readiness of forces and means to eliminate the possible effects of adverse weather phenomena.

"It is also important to bring the heads of municipalities warning and weather forecasts to the public and to the citizens to respond. Homeowners whose homes are in the waterlogged area should take protective measures to melt and slope waters," — said in a press release.

Source: RIA "Novosti".

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