Drought in Florida has led to fires

Drought in the southeastern United States has reached record levels, which would have many consequences in the future. Of the most obvious are called wildfires, most likely in Florida. The staff at this time, and so takes a period of drought, but the current weather can be fatal after a dry 2011 and high temperatures in 2012.

Driest region declared Jacksonville and Fort Myers, there fell to only 31% of normal rainfall, the deficit is about 20 mm. In other parts of Florida from the beginning of the year also fell to less than half of normal precipitation. Only Miami boasts abundant rain and water in 2012.

Dangerous due to the prevailing weather conditions, fire is already fixed in the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida, which in this respect, the least fortunate. Only 9 April to 18 staff set fires. Fortunately, most fires in the area is less than one hectare. No luck Osceola National Reserve, District Line, which caught fire about 4 thousand hectares. Fire heavily influenced by the visibility of the adjacent highway north Florida. In this connection, local residents with respiratory problems are advised to smaller streets, as air quality has deteriorated significantly. Smoke from the fire is clearly visible from satellites.

In addition to fires in many parts of the southeastern United States, especially in the northern and central Florida, because of the drought issues arise with the use of water. Washing cars and watering lawns is allowed only once a week and only in the evening or early morning. Experiencing problems with the water and the farmers, because the cost of irrigation has increased significantly.

Unfortunately, the weather forecast for the state is not comforting. In the next week in Florida rain is not expected. He can fall only at the end of April, when the peninsula will cross one of cyclones or tropical storm with hurricane. Although he can get past parched lands sunny coast and give all of the moisture over the northern lands. Drought continues in May, according to experts. Perhaps the situation will improve with rainfall in the summer.

In the picture from space clearly see the smoke from the fire between Jacksonville and surrounding Talahasi Line, Florida.

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