Drought in southern China continues

The absolute worst drought in China over the last hundred years. In the region of rivers and lakes dry up.

According to preliminary calculations, the drought plaguing the Chinese province of Yinan, Guchzhou and Sichuan, and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, was the cause of the plight of a million inhabitants. In Guangxi seriously affected include 200,000 Chinese people, more than 70 thousand head of cattle. In poor condition 31 000 hectares of agricultural land and the harvest in 2012 in these provinces, which drive up food prices.
Especially noticeable drought in the west and south of Guangxi. There, the average temperature is 2-3 degrees above acceptable norms. Precipitation has decreased by 30-50%. People almost forgot what it looks like rain and deep rivers.
482,000 Chinese living in Gudzhou, are in a similar position. Statistics are relentless: losses are 187,000 head of cattle and 55 000 hectares of crops. Total dry weather damaged the 25 districts in the province.
To address the issue with the lack of water management in the affected regions of the country sent 107,000 employees that are willing to help, and 500 units of vehicles with water tanks. Unfortunately, in the next week weather situation in the south of China will not change, precipitation is unlikely.

Source: ecowars.tv

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