Drought in Texas killed 300 million trees

Conduct re-examination of hundreds of sites in the forests in the state of Texas showed that the drought in 2011 killed about 301 million trees.

Last December the Texas Forestry Department stated that, according to preliminary data, the drought has led to the deaths of 500 million trees, the newspaper "Yu-Es Tudey Hey." According to the results of three studies using ground inspections and studying satellite images, it became clear that the number of dead trees was significantly less than predicted. The researchers studied the trees in the rural areas, victims of drought, insects and diseases caused by stress from drought.

It should be noted that the figure of 301 million does not include trees killed in the settlements. Earlier this year, the experts found that the number of victims of the drought trees in the city reaches the level of 5.6 million units.

Source: gismeteo.ru.

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