Drought on the fields of the Voronezh region. Video


17.05.12.Dozhdey in these parts has been a month already. The last remnants of spring moisture away from the soil through cracks. According to specialists in these fields for the harvest will have to fight all summer.

Nicholas Tatarnikov, agronomist economy:

"For this, all we do. Plus fungicide treatment, insecticide. Trace elements are introduced. Work only at night. Day temperature does not allow. "

Early summer threatened the entire harvest — sunflower shoots wither, just to be born. In the afternoon in the shade temperature is forty degrees, but on the grounds — more pyatdesyati. Some farms have stopped late sowing of spring crops. The others are at risk, and continue to work. At best, the seeds will germinate only in June.
In critical condition — crops of barley, oats and wheat. Farmers sprayed fields "antidepressants", but their effect will extend the life of plants only for two weeks. If during this time rain will not — nothing will save the harvest. The soil is completely dry by half a meter in depth.
Sergei Ostroverkhov, chief agronomist and Paul area:

"Of the 29,000 some 4,000 hectares in poor condition. Others — in critical. Any day they too will perish. Because growth and development stopped. "

Meteorological summer — when the average daily temperature ceases to fall below 15 degrees — come back in mid-April. May hits record — two weeks — twice the temperature rose to unprecedented heights. In the complete absence of precipitation.
Cyril Assumption, Associate VSPU:

"May the drought is most dangerous why: now there is sprouting, tying pollination. In May, laid the success of future crops. If the plants do not secrete nectar — is no pollination. May a few dry days can be more dangerous than a few weeks in the summer. "

Oleksandr Sushko, head of the Voronezh Regional Hydrometeorological:

"Weather defines the same blocking anticyclone, which was observed in the summer of 2010 — as a result of all the cyclones that bring us precipitation from the west go to the north or to the Caucasus."

Autumn harvest farmers predict not taken. According to meteorologists, summer is hot and dry. However, in the second half of May, severe rainfall also is expected.

Peregudov novel, Alexander Kamynin, Vadim Sagittarius, Alexei Baranov and Dmitry Ovchinnikov

Source: STRC "Voronezh"

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