During exercises Vostok-2010 in the Trans-Baikal region for the first time used brand new military technology

During exercises "Vostok-2010" in the Trans-Baikal region for the first time applied the new military equipmentFor the first time in tscheniyah "Vostok-2010" in the Trans-Baikal region used the standards of modern military equipment, namely, languorous flamethrower systems, machines spray masking and masking foam coating incorrect crossing the latest generation of electric means of fighting conventional enemy intelligence.

Bimbo military equipment used in crossing the river Onon.

As reported by the press service of the Siberian Military District, armored units crossed the river under water to a depth of 4 meters, their successful consolidation on opposite banks allowed to cross the main forces that are deployed for combat operations in the designated areas.

Recall exercises held June 29-July 8 at the location of the Siberian and Far Eastern military districts. They perceive the role of the army and military equipment these military districts, in addition, part of the Metropolitan and the Volga-Urals military districts will be focused there without military equipment.

According to the plans of the military, on maneuvers worked through almost all the issues of operational art and military strategy, including strategic redeployment of troops from the 1st of the theater of operations to another, offensive and defensive actions.

The exercises involve up to 20 thousand troops and 70 aircraft, up to 2.5 thousand pieces of weapons, military and special equipment, up to 30 ships. Advance aviation technology was relocated to the European part of the country on military airfields in the areas of the maneuvers. With all of this bombers Su-24M and the new fighter-bombers Su-34 made an eight-hour flight without landing crotch with 2 refueling in the air and covered the distance of more than 8 thousand km, passes NEWS.ru.com.

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