Earthquake in Altai Republic will not affect the electricity

Energy Altai earthquake on Tuesday night felt by people of almost all districts of the country, tested the operation of all substations and other power equipment, no damage is found, told RIA Novosti, the chief engineer of the branch of JSC "IDGC of Siberia" — "Gorno-Altai electric network" Bauyrzhan Sarsebaev.

Earthquake of magnitude 5.6 occurred at 5.30 am (2.30 MSK) on Tuesday in the Altai Republic, the epicenter was recorded at 28 kilometers from the village Aktas (Ulagansky district), but felt the jolt residents almost all parts of the country.

According to eyewitnesses, the earthquake felt as residents Biisk and Barnaul (Altai nearby). Casualties or damage were recorded in the Republic of Altai working group of rural settlements and garrisons firefighters began a thorough examination of all the settlements in the region.

"After today's earthquake was not tripping, nor any power failures. Just in case we all thoroughly checked (substations, transformers, etc.), no abnormalities were found, no damage, the equipment is operating normally" — told Sarsebaev.

The most destructive in recent years, Chu earthquake occurred in the Altai Mountains, not far from the regional center of the village of Kosh-Agach. The main attack occurred on 27 September 2003 at 18.33 (15.33 Moscow time), the magnitude was 7.3. Over the next day recorded seismic still about 140 seismic tremors (aftershocks). Tremors were felt even in Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk and eastern Kazakhstan. The greatest damage occurred in the Kosh-Agach, Ulagansky, Shebalinskiy Ongudaisky and Altai regions. There were no casualties, only a few people were slightly injured, but the earthquake caused serious damage to the country. In the earthquake zone have been numerous landslides, rock falls, formed gaping cracks. In the Altai Republic has been damaged 1889 houses, inhabited by more than seven thousand people, as well as 25 schools, 16 hospitals, seven boilers. Almost completely destroyed village Beltir. Serious injuries were road and engineering works of Chui tract.

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