Earthquake in Japan: Japanese meteorologists do not exclude the aftershocks during the week

National Meteorological Agency of Japan does not exclude the possibility of aftershocks with magnitude up to 6.0 in the week after a powerful earthquake on Friday in northeastern Japan, Kyodo news agency reported.

Earthquake of magnitude 7.3 occurred off the east coast of Japan in 17.18 local time (12.18 MSK), after which it was declared a threat of a tsunami. The earthquake lies at a depth of 10 kilometers. Powerful tremors also felt in Tokyo metropolitan area of the country, as well as in 17 other prefectures. No casualties yet reported, injured nine people.

In addition, as the agency, there is also a feeling that the tremors that shook the eastern coast of Japan on Friday may be aftershocks following the devastating earthquake in the same region, which occurred March 11, 2011.

Then after the tremors of magnitude 9.0 on the shore came the 14-meter high tsunami which flooded four of the six reactors, "Fukushima-1" and knocked out reactor cooling system, which led to a series of hydrogen explosions, molten core. Complete elimination of the accident, including the dismantling of the reactors, will take about 40 years.

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