Earthquake in Poland

Yesterday at 9 hours 42 minutes Lviv, Kyiv time seismologists recorded tremors in Poland.

— Tremors were felt in the city of Lubin, near the border with Germany, between the cities of Wroclaw and the Green Góra, — the "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Researcher of Seismology NAS Carpathian Novel Pronyshin

The depth of the earthquake — from two to five miles, it is rather "small" because quakes tend to be much deeper, so the shocks were very real and tangible for the Poles.

— What's going on in the premises at such shocks: they stagger lamp rattle the windows?

— The Power of tremors reached 6-7, and at such a force in the midst of a crack may appear on buildings, fall various items and trees, and in general it is fraught with very serious destruction. Richter magnitude earthquake of 4.4 points, so that it could be felt in a radius of 20-30 km.

— And in Ukraine is something happening at that time?

— No, all is quiet in Ukraine. Lions from the epicenter of tremors, fortunately, is quite a distance, about 600 km. Therefore, in our region next shake the earth's crust is not felt.

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