Earthquake in Saudi Arabia

The earthquake was recorded in three villages: Mashlaha, Al-Hayja and Al-Wajeeh province Sabya. Director General of the National Center of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions Zahrani Hani (Hani Zahrani) stated that the strength of shock was 3.1 on the Richter scale and was felt in the Al-Kudmi. According to him, it was a normal earthquake, which did not bring any casualties or damage.
The area in which there have been aftershocks, is seismically active and constantly shaken with varying intensity.

Director of Civil Defense in Jizan region, Hassan Bin Ali Al-Qufaili said that preparing a plan to manage the civil defense in the case of the devastating effects of earthquakes. In the control center will receive reports of earthquakes, and in their place will be immediately sent to the team of civil defense. This essentially allows more responsive to the situation and make decisions.

According to those who were in the earthquake zone, the furniture in the house was emptied, but the cracks in the buildings themselves were not found. Others ran out of their homes for fear of landslides, especially since the house was not the best construction.

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