East Coast of America is under attack elements

The U.S. hurricane rages "Sandy." And what is happening now, like disaster movies. Without electricity, about 6 million people. Plunged into the darkness of a significant part of New York. Flooded subway. In Atlantic City street meter layer of water and it all arrives. In New Jersey, an alarm at a nuclear power plant shut down the reactor. The storm hit and Washington.

For this moment we know of 13 deaths, the number of victims can only guess — emergency phone calls from literally torn. Rescuing the Rescuers is relocating thousands of soldiers of the National Guard.

The main attack came a hurricane about 150 miles from New York City, in the gaming capital of the east coast of Atlantic City. But there is no feeling that the storm has passed, although the government did not call it a hurricane, and supershtormom.

The main danger comes not from the wind, which threw a lot of trees, traffic signs, and even in the afternoon the wind broke off even a crane. But the biggest problem in the city has created an ocean storm, which is not yet seen. From the southern end of Manhattan, near Battery Park, the water rose almost 4 meters flooded power lines feeding Wall Street and some of the subway station. Because of the penetration of sea water, even in the downtown power substation exploded. Flooding of streets found in other parts of Manhattan. In another part of New York, Staten Island, over the banks of the ocean flooded the first line of houses, and as eyewitnesses, one-story houses in the lowlands water covered completely.

Two hours before midnight, Mayor Bloomberg went to press with the first impressions of the disaster.

"We knew it would be a very strong storm, and our expectations were met. Hurricane hit the city and now the consequences: in Battery Park the water level rose to record levels, heavily flooded the streets of Manhattan, a quarter of a million people were left without electricity," — he said.

Both in New York and on the East Coast more than three million people were left without electricity and this is still preliminary data. Also have preliminary data on the death toll from Hurricane U.S. residents. Damage from the revelry of elements yet to be counting, but now put the number at 10 to 20 billion. For example, Atlantic City and heavy rain and high waves caused landslides. The same thing happened in another coastal town of Ocean City, Maryland. In New York, the risk of flooding will continue until the middle of Tuesday, October 30, the city will continue to be closed all public schools, halted all public transport, the New York Stock Exchange will also be closed.

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