Encyclopedia: Alexander G. Lukashenko. He was born on August 30, 1954 …

On the official website of Alexander Lukashenko on his birthday changed from the 30th to the 31st of August. What for? And how it is related to the birthday younger son of the head of the country Coley?

I dial the Internet president.gov.by and on the green field of the official Internet portal of Alexander Lukashenko read: "Born AR Lukashenko August 31, 1954 in the urban village of Kopys Orsha district, Vitebsk region. Belorus. Was reared without a father … "

But the second source: Encyclopedia of the History of Belarus, 4th volume. About Alexander Lukashenko says that he was born on August 30, 1954. Another source — the official biography of presidential candidate Alexander Lukashenko, published in 2006, the year. There's also stated that the Belarusian leader is born on August 30. So what source to trust?

Chigir, who in the mid-1990s, he worked the Prime Minister, could not remember exactly when I had to congratulate Lukashenko on his birthday — August 30 or 31. Yulia S. wife told him that most of the 30th, but the ex-premier could not decide:

"I remember that before the 1st of September, but it is true the day I do not remember. Perhaps the 30th. Was even a bottle of champagne raspili, but it was modest, congratulations, flowers and everything, no gifts. And I do not remember the exact day."

The former chairman of the National Bank Stanislav Bogdanovich tied to their memories of the birth of his grandson:

"30th. Because I Vladislav grandson was born on the 30th and I do not say that he was born on the birthday of Lukashenko."

Confusion with the date of birth Lukashenko began a year ago, and gave birth to her own Alexander G.. In June last year, giving an interview to the editor of the Russian newspaper "Today" Alexander Prokhanov, Belarusian President said: "Today he was five years old, and I was already fifty-fifth We were born on the same day, August 31." Why did Dad Coley such a statement?

A former member of the Supreme Council of XII convocation Valentin Golubev first of all, talking about character traits of Alexander Lukashenko, whom he personally knows to work together in Parliament. As a historian, Golubev has no doubt that Lukashenko was born exactly on the 30th of August, and the change of the day — not only his desire to be closer to his son Kolya

"Once he said that" almost overnight, "now said that in one day. Well, he wanted to celebrate in one day, as the closer. Another thing — that the state media Slimer, who are willing fix it. Said he on September 1 — really get better? But this is not Orwell, we have no Ministry of Truth, to fix all the encyclopedia. "

According to researchers, the changes in the biographical information — is a common thing, but this is usually of good reasons. For example, after the revolution, many changed data on its social origins, in order to avoid reprisals. Then massively changed the name, place and date of birth. This phenomenon is common among politicians. It is known that Stalin failed to mention the fact that I finished seminary, and Lenin, that had German and Jewish roots. Georgy Zhukov did not advertise the service in the royal army, as it is now does not advertise their "prison universities" President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. Does the law change biographical data, including the date of birth? With this issue I addressed in the community in Frunze registrar Minsk.

"Just because I do not like it — you can not. We are making changes or corrections only if at the time of birth registration was done in error. And there is evidence from a maternity home that you really were born in another day."

Reporter"In short, if I do not like the 15th day of the month and I want to change it to 16 minutes, you can not?"

An employee of the registrar Frunze"Of course."

Reporter"Or the 30th to the 31st?"

An employee of the registrar Frunze"Deleted."



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