Endowment insurance

Cumulative insurance — Is insurance life, and it often has the function of accumulation and savings, as well as an extra — security function. Now there are four types of insurance savings:

  • — mixed;
  • — to maturity;
  • — over time;
  • — pension.

Mixed (also often referred to as "combined") — insurance, which involves the payment of contributions, which are justified by the contract. As for the period during which the act contract, the total amount of contributions accrued interest. and at the expiration of the term of the contract, the policyholder receives and full bag of insurance and accrued interest.

The case of insurance called "survivorship." Rather than a contract for acts of destruction comes the person who is to insure that payment the total is in favor of the heirs (as full amount paid in case the insured of the first group of disability, but the event of disability is temporary, the insurer paid only manual). Cumulative insurance "On time" in our country still practiced in Russian times, and often it is implied and assumes insurance for children to adulthood or completion of studies at the school.

It must be emphasized that at present more and more urgent version of accumulation of funds for training, especially it is dependent on the amount of possible bonuses, because they can even be enough to MGIMO! Adults also provide insurance "to the terms", which is of a mixed type of insurance is actually different only in that when death comes the insured, the heirs of the insurance can only get discussed at the coming of the contract date. Pension insurance is — a real addition to the pension paid by the State. The size of the 'second' pensions are determined at the conclusion of the insurance contract by mutual consent of the parties, and if the insured dies, the total amount insurers goes to his heirs.

There are two types of pension insurance: indefinite and temporary. The definition of "lifetime" says for itself, and the time involves payments over time, for example from 5 od 10 years. "Non-pension" means a perpetual insurances only one option insurance benefits — death and the insured in this case, the heirs receive the sum insured, which has been accumulated in the time it acted policy.

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