England expects the coldest May

Much of the Humber in England do Kent and the south-east covered anxiety because of drought and the ongoing ban on the use of tap water for watering.

However, in some places in the country were still awaited rains. Meteorologists believe that this is a clear harbinger of a serious cold weather in the British Isles, which can make coming in May in this winter.

England is coming to cold atmospheric front, carrying more rain.

By the end of the week over Britain can shoot hail storms, hailstones the size which reached 1 cm in width. Some areas will be subject to local flooding, despite the ongoing drought. These floods are much more dangerous than usual, because the soil was dry and not much able to perform the function of drainage.

Because of the cold air mass brought from the northwest, temperatures in Scotland will fall to -2 ° C. The only redeeming feature of the current weather will be a longer period of the Scottish ski resorts and small, but still up to 30 mm precipitation affected by lack of rain Wales, Dorset, Hampshire and in the Midlands.

This spring, the British had not yet met. March is already recognized as the driest in the last 59 years. If the expected rains on the west coast do not stop, April will be the wettest in history. At the moment, fell for 60% of normal rainfall, part of 69.6 mm. If this goes on, the record in 2000 (120.3 mm) is easily broken.

May the same may well be the coldest in the last century. Already in April, the average temperature is somewhat below normal in +13 ° C and +11 ° C is As with most of the Atlantic come rain, the temperature drops to +10 ° C in the south-east to +8 ° C in Scotland.

Yet, to fully compensate the loss of moisture, it is required that the rain stayed in England for at least a month. And, should fall slightly above normal precipitation.

Source: ecowars.tv

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