England: Winter in early May

Residents of the south of England are at a loss on the weather surprises, fallen on their heads after the exhausting heat. Weekend brought to the British Isles snow, sleet and temperature approaching zero. North of the heavy rains all weekend will alternate with glimpses of the sun, and the highest temperature will not exceed five … six? C in Cornwall thermometer shows no more than 11? C.
In the county, Hough, United Kingdom, due to bad weather was canceled cricket tournament.
In the south-west of Scotland established abnormally cold weather and in the dark on the street was to -6? C. Day in the mountains and on the hills was real snow. It is predicted that precipitation as snow will dominate here for the next three days. Farther south, however, to replace the snow comes steady rain.

Remains a difficult situation with the floods in England, where the four areas are still not removed warning about the possibility of flooding, although the level of accumulated rainwater asleep. Due to adverse weather conditions on the M40 motorway accident. Authorities advised residents of the country to be extremely careful.Source: ecowars.tv

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