Entering an era of upheaval

Required for safety impartial assessment of threats

"Military-Industrial Courier" presents to the reader the main theses of the report of the President of the Academy of Military Sciences, Army General Mahmut Gareeva at a general meeting of AVN.

Russian President Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly highlighted: "The world is entering an era of upheaval and the question of who will break forth, and who is an outsider, is dependent on the will of each civilization … The coming years will be crucial, and maybe even a turning point for the world, which comes in an era of radical change, and perhaps even turmoil. "

Indeed, we are witnessing long-term policy on compression and limiting the geopolitical interests of, the continued expansion of NATO, the direct military robbery in the Middle East and other regions, causing political and economic harm to our country.

The main danger

Of course, the priority remains the zeal of global powers to acquire control of energy resources, including in Russia. Expansion is preparing not only military and political, and financial. Immediately emphasis on the development of other energy resources. The goal — to deprive Russia of income from the production and sale of gas and oil, put it in danger of social and economic collapse. In the coming years, our country will be exposed to a massive geopolitical pressure first from the United States and China. We need to do everything to defend its national interests and to maintain the integrity of the country, first through political and diplomatic means.

The existence of strategic plans for military expansion against the Russian Federation is not a secret. When one of the leading politicians of the United States, a presidential candidate declares Russian enemy number 1, is a question not only about the pre-election rhetoric: Romney voted for almost half the voters of America. When the South American Secretary of State openly interfere in Russian policy in Central Asia, declaring the inadmissibility of some Eurasian integration of the CIS, it is impossible not to see in this hostility.

National interests and security of the Russian Federation can not affect the movement of the center of business and life, and capital in the Asia-Pacific region, also following the redeployment of military forces of NATO and U.S. bases in the Central Asian region.

Americans will not leave Central Asia. They will continue to drive a wedge between China and Russia. All these years, NATO members are not in a hurry to eliminate rebel groups from the Central Asian states in the area of Afghanistan.

The possibility of combining the Russian Federation with the U.S. or China depends not only on the willingness of our country. Washington and Beijing are so connected among themselves in the commercial and financial terms that any sharp turns in policy in relation to each other for their tragic fraught with turmoil.

Loss and impairment of sovereignty become the general trend of development in most countries. Forcibly implanted worldwide "democracy" gets ugly. Tough execution with Gaddafi explained not only shortcoming of democracy or the presence of a cheap oil, but first it plans to establish a Union of African countries, the nationalization of natural resources, the introduction of African currency. The next step, Syria, and Iran.

Experience China

In the Russian Federation there is no special need to lean very closely to some centers of power. We should quietly turn to defend its national interests, working first with the countries concerned in equal cooperation. In accordance with the Message of Putin's state our main idea can be specifically revival of Russia as a dignified independent state.

On the threshold of the era of upheaval

Of course, to build their future in isolation, we can not. Puzzles confrontation general economic, environmental, military and terrorist threats, tasks survival of mankind require joint concerted efforts. Including the United States and China.

Do not be redundant here look at the experience of China. Avoiding the extremes and sudden movements, he alternately, stubbornly pursuing a policy of strengthening and elevation of the country. According to the strategy developed here encompassing power of the country will inevitably China should expand on many fronts, where resources and expected little resistance. The implication is that as the population with a shortage of energy resources and water will either force a big internal explosion, or will the inevitable external expansion. It is easy to guess at what specific direction.

For sustainable cooperation with the Central Asian republics of the Russian Federation must fulfill a number of major joint projects. For example, to supply the region's aquatic resources, with electricity. This is a hard link of the republic, making them impractical separation from each other.

Get rid of the raw tilt

The policy objectives are achieved in the modern world in 2 ways. In 1-x, subversion, the "color revolutions" inside the opposing states, large-scale information shares. In-2, by the outbreak of local wars and conflicts, as was made against Yugoslavia, Iraq, South Ossetia, Afghanistan and trying to make it as far in Syria and Iran.

To protect against this, our homeland should be strong at first economically and technologically.

Russian GDP in prices of 82 per cent of natural resource rents, 12 percent — amortization of industrial companies have made in the Russian time, and only 6 percent — specifically, productive labor. 94 per cent of our income comes about through eating away the old heritage and natural resources. Once a year, 70-80 billion dollars go over the limit. Such an economy can not provide a promising incarnation of the state interests of Russia. It generates a trend of regionalization and the collapse of the country. Need to radically change the economic course. Without it impossible to carry out any reforms to ensure the national security of the Russian Federation and its reliable defense.

The main objective of the economic development of our country defined by the president fully justified: get rid of the raw slope, do not translate into a raw materials appendage of the West and China. The focus of the development is to be made to modernize industry and agriculture. In general, we need to take a course on the development of innovative technology. This, along with a nationwide revival of patriotism and the essence of modern state idea.

Yet the lack of concern tribute organizations in the implementation of some of the planned programs. The program failed revival of the Volga. There is no consistency in the implementation of the project of development of Siberia and the Far East. Unsatisfactory situation in the field of education and military. The main reason for these poor results — lack of genuine systematic approach to problem solving. Municipal, local authorities, public organizations not turn in achieving their goals.

Makes a point to know and disregard of the principle of professionalism. Purpose at the municipal office in advance ignorant people lowers efficiency and leads to failures. When the head of the Department of Military Education is a person who has no experience of military service and military education, it is not a personal error in the destination, and the arbitrary and non-government approach to the fundamental tasks.

Difficulties of Homeland Security

Countering the modern incarnation multivector threats asks the municipal
scale containment strategy. We are talking about a system of interrelated political, diplomatic, military, economic, informational, and other measures to ensure public safety.

On the threshold of the era of upheaval

We have as before no municipal body that would coordinate the activities of all agencies involved in countering other threats to information and carried out by non-military means. Announced that the new administration in the president will deal with some public projects. Say outright that it will engage and patriotic education, even smuschyayutsya. Optionally, the emergence of new problems and challenges to create new controls. In some cases purposefully first of all possible to specify tasks, functions, a company existing controls, the documents governing their activities. For example, a severe lack of national security policy is to belittle the role of governors and other local authorities in solving the problems of national security.

In the criteria of all these changes quite zanogo need to look at the difficulties of internal security. Now these prepyadstviya can not be reduced solely to the fight against street mess and offenses. The main and most urgent task of the country and society in the new criteria — to ensure the unity and solidarity of the peoples of the Russian Federation, and to suppress extremism and separatism. There is an urgent need for the creation of the Ministry for Nationalities, which will include not bureaucrats, and the wisest and educated people.

Extremism must be stopped not only in the streets, and in its origins. Need to seek out those who pay, who provokes, including in the media. Open calls for the elimination of state autonomy, the creation of unitary provinces did not sound even at the royal regime. Friendship of peoples, their association led to the stately Russian people in the name of defending the homeland — are important reasons that ensured our victory in Lofty Russian war. Need to save this heritage.

It is clear that in a number of countries during the unrest army and militia sovereign countries found themselves driven out. Main lever of pressure on the top civilian and military officials — funds held in foreign banks. It is necessary in this case to establish additional constraints that may be read as the President of the Russian Federation in its own Message.

And, of course, an important prerequisite for a sound national security of the country is the unity of the army and the people.

The nature and format wars

Due to the increase in the international opposition to the scale and efficiency of non-military means of influence to undermine state security, some scientists and politicians raise the question of the revision of the essence of war and the basic foundations of the science of war.

Specifically, it is proposed to revise the definition of the concept of "war", extending it to at least some international opposition, including economic, informational resources. The specificity of the war still remains the use of armed violence. If a financial struggle in times of peace is by monetary penalties, during the war, major economic centers are bombings and rocket attacks.

Due to the emergence of new, very insecure forms of international confrontation urgent priority is to see these difficulties on a special emergency conference of the General Assembly and to develop further international law (decisions) restricting the use of a so-called peace-time military means forcibly methods.

It is advisable to also make fuller use of scientific potential of the Russian Academy of Sciences and other research centers. To coordinate efforts on a national scale is better to have a RAS Council on defense issues, also clarify the roles and enlarge the section on defense dilemmas.

Multidirectional nature

Taking into account the multi-vector threats and diverse nature of, its army and navy should be able priority readiness to perform combat missions in local wars and armed conflicts, counterterrorism operations and mobilization readiness of the regional and large-scale wars.

There is no guarantee that the war for the possession of the primary resources of the planet will restrict certain range. Yet in the middle of liberal professionals is considered a good read tone that Russia may face only local wars and terrorist acts.

They say that no mass struggles, even more so with the use of large numbers of tanks, will never be. Only likely clashes in the air and in space, which can last only a few days. Military action, in their view, would be able to carry only highly mobile nature. There will be no solid front lines of defense breakthroughs, centralized fire damage. Will be the main act in the offensive, and the aims and objects of the enemy — to destroy immediately, as they are found even on the distant approaches. Clashes will wear a non-contact nature, and command and control for network-centric system solutions for commanders in several variants will develop computers, etc., etc.

Naturally, the nature of warfare is now much changed, military action in the future really perceive a highly mobile character, and the first and second world wars began with the highly-action. Then the desire to ensure the flanks and rear led to a certain (perhaps, for more than a short-term), the stabilization of the front. And had to break through the defense and defensive, sometimes retreating. Destroy immediately as identifying all targets and enemy targets unrealistic — not enough ammunition, even more so for high-guns — not cheap.

So what is a local war? By the standards of the U.S. war in Korea early 50s refers to conflicts of medium intensity. On both sides it was the role of some 2.5 million people. For the occupation of Iraq or Afghanistan, the troops involved several 10-s states.

Automatic control systems, robotics, unmanned reconnaissance and attack tools, weapons based on new physical principles — all buried a lot of configurations in the nature of war. Academy of Military Sciences is designed to thoroughly explore all the new developments in military science and military art, not looking at all this from the actual reality, coming to the study of new phenomena impartially, objectively and directly.

For example, on what basis guesses about what will no longer tank battles? At this point in the armies of the United States, China, India, NATO, Russia, and other states are 10 of thousands of tanks and infantry fighting vehicles. Where do they go with the start of military action? Remain in warehouses, so as not to spoil a new kind of war? Or will be disposed of? Impartial situation will force to use to solve problems arising combat all types of weapons, including tanks.

Well, the fight against terrorism is not only small groups. They can capture the whole of the country, to establish its authority, as it happened in Afghanistan. United States is the most powerful air and space power, in alliance with other NATO forces for more than 20 years can not end this war.

If we do not want to make a mistake in the evaluation of emerging geopolitical threats and determining the disposition defense problems, you should not assume imposed on us misinformation stamps, and soberly, objectively reflect the actual existing accident.

Important components of the military security of the Russian Federation

Strategic nuclear forces, the task of saving the nuclear potential now getting more and more important. This is due to an increase in information, cyber and other military and non-military threats, and also with a significant weakening of the forces of general purpose of. As part of the contract entered into with
the United States on the reduction of strategic weapons we need to give the principal value of high-quality improvement of the strategic nuclear forces and gallakticheskih funds, strongly oppose the creation of the U.S. strategic missile defense. Should step up efforts to engage in a process of reduction and control of the forces of other nuclear powers, including China.

The situation exacerbated by the emergence of high-strategic weapons that could incapacitate our nuclear weapon at the beginning of the war. In this regard, an urgent need to begin to build their own high-strategic weapons and seek ways to overcome the enemy's defense. Nowadays, you can not rely on any kind of agreements and legal obligations of the missile defense not directed against Russia.

It is unrealistic to accept the statements of some professionals, municipal research centers, assures that even comparable to a small number of nuclear weapons to deter quite angry. The consequences of its implementation will be tragic.

We must not forget also about the increasing dangers of geophysical and environmental character, can lead to disaster on a planetary scale. This event will also force the international community to continue to pay attention to space rocket technology.

The military threat is also in the accelerated development of high-quality main weapons in the leading countries of the world, first of information, unmanned aerial vehicles, robotics, modifying the entire system of fighting the introduction of guns and military control.

The complicated situation in the zone of hostilities make widespread use of special forces, terrorist and so called private military forces, peacekeepers, manipulation and force-involvement in the conflict of the population. We have to take into account and address not only short-range, and the socio-political, and sometimes military and diplomatic issues.

Quite differently formulated and objectives of communication. In the experience of Afghanistan, we are, for example, we know that in certain periods for this purpose had to define up to 60-70 percent of the forces and means warring divisions.

In our time, it is unrealistic to allocate for the protection of staffs, the rear of combat units. All tylovikov, technicians, doctors, lawyers must be military. Apart from performing their own specific obligations they should be able to organize security, positioning and moving bodies and subordinate units on the battlefield. Generally imposed on us from the tendency ograzhdanivaniya military service should thoroughly understand.

Aerospace defense

With the present disposition of the armed struggle of its center of gravity and the force is transferred to the main aerospace place. The leading countries of the world are banking on the achievement of air and space method of conducting war at the beginning of massive air-space operations with the attacks on strategic and important principle objects across the country.

It begs to solve problems SAI not only purely defensive air defense, missile defense, and the combined efforts of all services with a strong use of active methods of action, impact tools and centralized management of the scale of the Armed Forces under the control of the General Staff and High Command of the Russian Federation.

The system of defense management

In November 2012, Russian President Vladimir Putin has brought to the State Duma a draft federal law on amendments to the law on configurations of "Defense". It is envisaged to make the configuration to the federal laws "On Defense", "On mobilization preparation and mobilization in the Russian Federation."

The law "On Defense" is supplemented by Article 21 according to which the purpose of planning and implementation of activities in the field of Defence is developing a plan of defense, including a set of interrelated planning documents for defense activities. Article 22 of the law "On Defense" has a definition of "territorial defense", which is where the event is not only federal, and regional level between the acts of the military and the state of emergency. According to the draft law provides for the powers attributed to the Russian president's position statement on the General Staff of the Armed Forces. This is a step forward in improving the strategic planning of defense activities.

The need for such a document at the highest level in the end it is to be recognized and to develop. Fundamentally strategic actions to ensure consistency with the sun puzzles and actions of other law enforcement agencies, the mobilization plan and relocation plan of the national economy on a war footing.

Given the re-emerging modern threats advisable to plan and produce the agreed actions in the field of political-diplomatic, economic, informational, technological, psychological and other areas to counter these threats and verbovaniyu respective means to influence the opposing side.

All of these actions and activities undertaken by the band Foreign Ministry of foreign economic relations, intelligence and counter-intelligence agencies Defense Ministry, Interior Ministry, the FSB border guards should be under the control of the Security Council and the government.

Solutions for the daily coordination of defense issues would be advisable, together with an increase in the role of the Minister of Defense General Staff endow human Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation not only on the military, and in times of peace.

In all circumstances, also require an increase in the role of government in addressing the issues of defense, especially in respect of the defense industry.

As part of the Government, the Ministry of Defense advisable to have proper controls that would coordinate the activities of all defense agencies.

Equipping new weapons

In the Russian criteria relationship between the armed forces and the defense can not be based on market-lightweight "producer-to-consumer (customer)." Need to develop mechanisms and incentives to develop mutual intrigued for the Armed Forces and other security agencies to truly modern weapons and military equipment. The role of the Ministry of Defense in these matters should be leading and generating.

Coupled with the better not only make demands on weapons, and every way to help the industry. In particular, the interaction has to be cramped on the steps of developing operational and tactical requirements, conduct research, and research and design work.

You need a separate ministry of defense industry, but without the previous economic functions. The main tasks of the Ministry itself — Coordination of the defense industrial companies, the initiation Innovative technologies, organization of training necessary for the defense industry engineering and technical personnel. Huge hopes to fund promising research projects.

To eliminate the backlog in our davneshnego electronic components, gallakticheskoy communications, media intelligence and electronic warfare, as in automatic means of network-centric control systems and high-precision instruments and other modern developments is not enough to recognize or declare them a priority. It is necessary at the municipal level to ensure the concentration of financial, technological, intellectual effort and resources to address these priorities, as it was made after the war, the development of missile and nuclear weapons technology gallakticheskih.

In comparative powerlessness of our economic potential of the emphasis on better make asymmetric means and methods of action. It is clear, for example, that the leading countries of the modern communication, navigation, exploration and management of all strategic nuclear forces, missile defense, precision instrument made through ordinary space. The collapse of the whole system and other asymmetric radio electronic means may reduce this advantage.

create the best standards in the world for all types of guns, we probably never will. Well, it's not only in the weapon itself. More fundamentally develop a strategy for its effective implementation.

In a study purposefully make fuller use of the potential of Russian Academy of Sciences and other scientific centers of the country. In our country, as a newcomer appeared the problem in the field of defense, took the time to do your own research center to study it. Although at times it was more profitable to give the job to the Russian Academy of Sciences, and other research centers and pay for these studies appropriately.

As the leading research centers, research institutes, laboratories, design offices should not be approved once and for all staff. Each NIU is created for a specific tasks, respectively, under this puzzle chosen the right people, the brains.

The key to productive work — is closely link with the command and staff, the continued presence in exercises and role in the testing of weapons. Primary scientific work in the interests of national defense can not be separated from the General Staff, the Main Command of the Armed Forces, the armed forces. They have to cook every day in one pot.

Important leading SIC, such as CMSS, 46, 27, 4th Research Institute, and others, should work under the specific control of the respective governments. Must be conducted active research work in universities, but priemuschestvenno associated with the educational process and the training of scientific personnel. Improve outreach to track and more than full utilization of the scientific and practical activities of the latest scientific and technical innovations abroad and in our country — one of the most important tasks now.

The control system and the reform of armed forces

Particularly important task is improving the control of troops (forces) to meet modern standards. Without this, we will not be able to implement fully all combat potential of the army and navy, with all its new weapons.

Accepted read that the Armed Forces must be compact, mobile, Fully most modern types of weapons and military equipment. As long as one hundred percent achieved one goal: to become really small-size aircraft. For a period of armed forces may be as they reformed in the near future. But you need to give yourself aware of the fact that, for example, combined arms brigade of their own combat composition of 2.5-3 times weaker than the mechanized infantry and armored divisions. At the time of war to bolster their little fit about mobilizing reserve in the form in which it is manufactured in the United States in the structure of the State Guard, Reserve and organized the training of officers in civilian institutions.

Troops from the first days of fighting bear the loss, and in the criteria for the introduction of high-precision weapons, they may increase. Prepared in advance needed replacement units, which would be engaged in the completion of losses, increased the forces in the critical operational areas. And it's not just organic to formations and units. It should have spare components SHAPE and strategic commands — aviation, artillery, air defense, engineering and others.

From the perspective of the organizational structure for fighting with constant forces in the huge field, of course, a more suitable and tested by experience is a divisional structure consisting of regiments and other necessary parts. And in the event of occurrence of large-scale war, especially in the east, spare components advisable to predict the formation of infantry and armored divisions.

In this case, the existing more mobile brigade constant combat readiness will target first for the frisky advances forward and cover the deployment of the main forces for self-combat missions in limited military conflicts.

Outsourcing system must be radically revised: enact laws providing for in the event of war, their transfer to the military situation and the complete subordination of the unit commanders. In another logistic and technical support will be destroyed, that already happened on some exercises.

Military education

On military education in principle we support those clarifications and solutions, which will soon accepted Defense Minister Army General Sergei Shoigu. I wish only to highlight that the commanders in chief of the commanders (chiefs) armed services (services) can not be customers of the training of officers. This is their most important duties. No one, apart from the main command with its highly spices, can not provide the universities complicated training facilities, programs of education and training literature.

In all circumstances, the main species in the training academies should be at least 2-3 years.

Bakalavrovskaya system, which provides basic training in college (university) and then only additional training throughout the year in the academies of the armed forces, for military service will not do. Management issues in the operational and strategic level have become so sophisticated that the cadet school is simply not ready for their perception.

Need to take a closer approach to the functions of the military and police. Carrying the garrison commandant service, it should not interfere in the internal affairs units and parts. There are certain commanders and chiefs.

There is also no need to engage in an artificial division chiefs commitment to operational and administrative. For all the cases in part, the connection, the union must fully meet the commander.

To ensure the viability of the organizational structure changes made by the Armed Forces and other security agencies, the new system of military control, to carry out the command-staff exercise or war game under the specific control of the Supreme Commander and the Minister of Defence with all organs of the strategic management of the military organization of the Russian Federation to be assigned to do their functions, to act upon the teachings of the role of learners 'closed' cards. This will allow to behold all the positive and bad moments in the organizational structure, training of government. Members of the AMS could be used in a staff management as intermediaries.

In general it is better to abandon the teachings of most ostentatious disposition, very closer to the conditions of the future combat missions.

The moral and psychological nuances

Significant impact on the nature of warfare will have information, cyber, electronic, mental and other so-called non-military forms and means of struggle.

Even in peacetime, flowing rich massive influence on people and especially the military. Patriotic work in the country should be headed by an imperative municipal authority. This task can be assigned to the not so long ago made a department of the Presidential Administration, expand and refine its functions in view of the above events.

Along with the improvement of educational work in the sun should, together with municipal and public organizations in the central and local levels to raise the authority of the patron of the Fatherland. This authority is unreal to change any build-up in principle very suitable service contract. For ages and experience of all wars confirmed: contractor for the excellent facilities in time of peace would be great to serve, but breathe for the funds he will not.

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