Erotic kitsch of Lukashenko

"Porn Again: the director chooses as the next target besieged Lukashenko," — writes the Moscow correspondent of Radio Liberty, Kevin OFlin.

High mustachioed man named Luke walks through the collective farm field and approaching the woman who collects vegetables. Man, very similar to Lukashenka, discusses the quality of the tomatoes with the woman, and then proceed to have sex with her.

This is a scene from the next movie for adults "Father's happiness," tells of lusty adventures of the kolkhoz — character created explicitly modeled on the Belarusian leader — says Kevin OFlin. As expected, the film will be posted online as early as This year, and it seems to be the last salvo in antilukashenkovskoy propaganda war.

I do not see Putin in bed. It's not too romantic

Director and producer Alexander shafts are removed soft porn: the movie "Julia", the characters of which are similar to Yulia Tymoshenko and Saakashvili. Shafts, however, disputed that runs on the order of the Kremlin, insisting that its purpose — just to make money. Although not denying that politics is present in his choice of subjects:

"I'm also not an idiot, and to some extent — a patriot. If I was not a patriot, my films have been about Putin or Medvedev. I do not see anything to make a film about them. However, I as a director, I see things differently. I do not see Putin in bed.'s not very romantic, "- Gross says, sitting in his nightclub, which will soon be opened in Moscow.

Compromise position

Directed by Alexander Shafts

Shaft is proud that founded the genre, which he calls "erotic kitsch." He began making his film about Lukashenka in 2006, soon after, released as "Julia." But as relations between Minsk and Moscow were at that time a lot warmer, the director was faced with political problems. Shafts placed part of the movie on the Internet, which led to yarasts Belarusian government that threatened to court for libel.

I was told that the staff in whose computers found my film, was fired the next day

"We know that the staff of the Belarusian embassy download movies from the Internet and, giggling, showed it to each other. And, of course, it came to their boss — said shafts. — I do not know, rumor or not, but I was told that staff in whose computers found my film, was fired the next day. "

The actor, who plays Luke — the driver of the nightclub, which shafts found by accident — was fired. Initially, he left the project, but eventually returns to the movie.

The gross, to find someone for the role of Lukashenko's not a problem:

"Find someone like Lukashenko — as well as on Saakashvili — not hard. They have typical faces that you can find on any Moscow markets, — he says. — It was much more difficult to find someone who could play Tymoshenko. She ladies are also very beautiful and sexy. "

Sign from above

Find someone like Lukashenko — not hard. It has a typical person that you can find on any Moscow markets

The fate of the film has changed dramatically over the last few months, when the Russian-Belarusian relations have deteriorated. Shaft says the perceived anti-Lukashenka documentaries shown on Russian television as a sign that he may complete the "Father's happiness." He expects revenues such as from "Julia."

Shafts are not worried about the problems with the government: "I'm not in Belarus. Think Lukashenko will come for me in Moscow? I heard that I provided for a 10-year sentence, if I ever find myself in Belarus. Last time I was there 1970. "

"If the Belarusian authorities interested, the last scene of the movie will be filmed in Poland, near the Belarus abroad," — says the director.

His next film will be shot in France. Shafts, which itself is short, it is going to play in the French President Nicolas Sarkozy.


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