Estonian diplomat accused the Belarusian KGB

Harry Lahtejn argues that images with Minsk girls, because of which he resigned, was rigged in a graphics editor.

The former charge d'Estonia in Belarus Harry Lahtejn, who was forced to resign because of the scandalous pictures that hit the Estonian media, yesterday gave an interview to "Kahekõne" on Estonian Television (ETV).

According to him, most of his shots kamprametuyuchyh in which he allegedly flirting with several girls by Minsk was intentionally treated accordingly.

They call you the KGB interrogated for several hours and threatened to throw in a psychiatric hospital. Are you in this case do not give pictures from a party?

"As you can see, I have a two-meter arm, which would be able to reach any destination. Each of us can find some photos and snatch it out of context. Working in Belarus, I do often go out into the city, talked to different people and thanks it received an adequate idea of this country "- said Lahtejn the air ETV.

On Lahtejn, Diplomats usually work in offices or by tracking information from available sources and analyzing it, or are outside the scope of his office and residence. The latest in the jargon is called workaholic (põllumeesteks): they have a very wide circle of friends in the country, where the diplomatic service of their. "I am also of the workaholic" — said Lahtejn in an interview with TV reporters.

"For me, the picture is clear. Whose interests was this scandal, and who gave, no doubt about that I do not," — said the former charge d'Belarus.

He described how after his last return from holiday in Belarus, Belarusian several friends told him that they felt pressure from the KGB.

"They called to the local offices of the KGB, questioned, and strongly" advised "to work", — said Lahtejn.

"Think about it: you've just graduated from university, you are summoned to the KGB interrogated for several hours and threatened to throw in a psychiatric hospital. Did you, in this case do not give shots to the party?"

Lahtejn said that some of those who met him were forced to leave the public service, to stop work on a doctoral dissertation and also are on the list of those banned from leaving the country.

"I am very sorry that such a turn of events turned meaningless experiences for my family. I want to sincerely thank all those who called me and supported such people were a lot. I would also like to thank all colleagues who have supported me, "- said Lahtejn Program "Kahekõne".

He also added that the Belarusian KGB, which works closely with the Russian intelligence organizations trying to bring such "gifts" to all EU ambassadors.



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