Estonian Foreign Ministry did not find any violations in official actions Lahtejn

The Estonian Foreign Ministry has completed an internal investigation of the former charge d'affaires in Belarus, Estonia, Harry Lahtejn. Check has not confirmed the allegations the 20-year resident of Minsk for allegedly illegally issued to her and her friends Schengen visas for certain sexual services. Along with the letter sent to the editorial unknown Estonian media naughty photos Lahtejn surrounded by Belarusian girlfriends.

August 24 Estonian Foreign Ministry granted the application chargé d'affaires in Belarus Harry Lahtejn resignation from the post at his own request, he filed after admission to the wording of anonymous letters accusing him of sexual harassment.

Kakzayavila journalists FM spokesman Kersty Luha, "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs not confirmed information illegally issued visas. " She also added that "distributors anonymous information within the competence of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can not be detected."

According Kersty Hluchy, MFA conducted an internal investigation within the framework of its competence and to verify the accuracy of statements concerning the activities of the Foreign Ministry.


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