Europe has hosted the winter

The unusually early winter came this year in some European countries. For example, in Austria, in September unexpectedly air temperature dropped to 10-15 degrees and it snowed, but the weekend weather was still a real autumn, reports "Europe Today". reports that near Salzburg, Tyrol, Carinthia, the day fell a record amount of snow. Such a record in the region was recorded in 1936.

Heavy snowfall paralyzed the road in Austria. The situation on the roads has become so critical that the authorities had to take snow removal equipment, and ordinary citizens had to clear the way, armed with shovels. Motorists are urgently had to recall their driving skills on a snowy road. In the mountainous areas of the country, closed several highways, reports BBC News.

In Switzerland, too, winter came early. BTRC said that one day in the eastern part of the country fell to a record amount of rainfall. Local authorities are warning residents about possible traffic congestion.

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