Europe is coming to the worst drought in history

French authorities fear that the drought in the country would be "the worst" in history

This year, France has experienced the hottest spring in the last 110 years. French authorities believe that if the drought in the country continues, in agriculture there can be "even more terrible situation than in 1976."

French Agriculture Minister Bruno Le Maire (Bruno Le Maire), speaking on television channel France 2, said the drought, which has come to France, could be "even more horrible than in 1976." He added that "the situation for agriculture in the country is similar to the 1976, and if the drought continues for several weeks in July and August in livestock and crop production could be even more difficult situation than in 1976."

He added that to support agriculture and to avoid speculation will set a price limit on the straw at 25 euros per ton. On Tuesday, Agriculture Minister also announced that the drought-affected farmers will receive hundreds of millions of euros in aid from the State Guarantee Fund of agricultural disasters.

According to Meteo France, this year in France was the hottest spring since 1900. More than half of the departments were restrictions on the use of water. Pastoralists also experience difficulties because the animals do not have enough food, according to the French edition of La Tribune.

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