Europe is suffering from the snow, tornadoes and floods

Suffer from severe snowstorms in Spain: a warning of abnormal snowfall announced across the country. Municipal services to such amount of work were not ready: while on the road brought snowplows on the streets giving rise drifts.

But in the French Alps snow happy. It's the first snowstorm of the season, in the coming days will open ski lifts. Reached out to the resorts tourists.

The south of Italy hit a tornado — hardest hit city of Taranto. In many buildings, shattered windows in the streets — car overturned and fallen trees. Wind blown construction crane — he fell and broke shop local factory. Missing three workers, more than 30 were injured.

And in the UK the big water captures all new territory. Flooded nearly 2,000 homes across the country. Oxford was under water — it does not go to public transportation, many government offices were closed. Improving weather forecasters have not yet promised TV channel "Russia 24".

Category: Natural disasters and the environment

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