Every Belarusian must know their language

Mrs."The very learned in the Belarusian school! She attended and spoke. If you live in Belarus, the Belarusian language has to know. "

Mr."Yes, ready. Belarus — our native land. Why ever not? Of course! '

Mrs."If we all will be taught in the Belarusian language, then it makes sense. And when the kids are in school to study in Belarusian, and Russian language schools will be, then it will be difficult to learn. They just will not understand their teachers. "

Mr."Grandchildren — ready. Perspective, unfortunately, I do not see people for a Russian-language training. Quite the contrary. Distant prospect is, I do not even doubt that there is. It is necessary to feel what we are on this earth that we face were many generations of our people that we are a continuation of the story that they left us. "

Mrs."It is necessary and is ready! We are all the same Belarusians! A language we do not understand ourselves next time. "

Mr."I am ready, because children — Belarusians. And every Belarusian must know their language. They have to give us something different from the other children. "

Mrs."Who would not want to have, because Belarus is ruled by some mankurt. And after school child will be very difficult to continue to study in Belarusian and get nowhere in life. "

Mr."I'm for the Belarusian language and would have gladly given to learn. I myself military, served in Gomel. Our children as children of military personnel are not allowed to study the Belarusian language. But we did not loose them — the children were taught the Belarusian language. "

Mrs."No! I myself teach at the school and I know that as soon as we had entered the Belarusian language, we children did not know, neither one nor the other. All items were affected. If this approach is responsible if there are other books and other program, then I'm all for!

Mrs."Why not? We live in Belarus. The Belarusian language — native. Children need to know the native language. Although I grew up not in Belarus, the Belarusian language I do not know, but the kids have to know her. "


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